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buy to let landlords are speculators Barry.

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"Most Remainers have not forgiven themselves for the fact that the vast majority of them didn't do a thing"

Most of them had full time jobs, children, things like that.

Leavers almost entirely do not.

Busy, busy, busy

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Different countries perhaps. I hear the Russian winter is harsh. Wrap up warm.

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Means test pensioner benefits.

This is where we hemorrhage money needlessly.

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"Your Somalian economic migrant knows to come to the UK too for similar reasons."

For clarity as I am sure you do know being as angrily exercised as you are on immigration, Non EU migrants do not get benefits here in the UK.

This might help you;

"Most citizens of non-EEA countries who come to live in the UK have "no recourse to public funds" in the initial years after they arrive, when there are still time limits or other conditions on their authorization to remain in the UK. This means that they are not eligible for benefits such as jobseekers' allowance, disability allowance, tax credits, or housing benefit.

There are some exceptions, such as people who have been granted humanitarian protection but do not have permanent residence"

People are eligible for benefits after receiving ILR after at least 5 years of being self supporting, Eligible immigrants (I,E, Spouse of British) and have at least £62,500 in the bank untouched for 6 months (assets not counted), or an income of at least £18,600 a year. They have to meet this requirement each time they apply for a visa (at least twice up to ILR - indefintie leave to remain).

Most legal migrants can use the NHS if they become ill but they must pay a fee of £200 a year.

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Not, for the first time, you don't see, to know what you are talking about.

Perhaps, things maritime is not a strong point.

You have posted on another thread that the Belgian Navy has more ships than the RN.

Word of advice........ Check before posting, especially after something you may have read in the Express or Mail,

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"If the EU is short of fish it will buy from us, no matter what".

What if they aren't short of fish???

International fish markets aren't like UK housing where contrived shortages fix the non market,

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Hi David,

i'm sorry but I really find your posts confusing and of recent a little/lot, vacuous.I suspect you are straying into territory you have never in fact occupied.

What languages do you speak? From the way you stance yourself, I expect at the least that it is not only English. For your information more young British people speak another language in the UK that at any other time in our history. I know we both have a Japan connection. I speak Japanese in my job every day. What about you?? I only say this as you profess to be a man of the world?

i wouldn't attach too much prestige or importance to having the ability to fill out a tax return. As you say, it isn't very difficult and I am concerned why you raise it.

For whatever reason you are railing and I think it is clear to see that you have an almighty chip on your shoulder. I think it worth saying.

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"Very few persons outside Norway speak Norwegian but they all speak English plus we can be a stepping stone to other English speaking Countries, notably the USA".

What on earth do you mean?. These days countries deal directly, if the US want to deal with a European country or the EU then they do this directly whether in that countries native tongue or in English. There is no benefit to using the UK as a intermediary.

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Why don't you try and answer his question.