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I have called the senators no one at the offices would answer just answering machines left a message no reply.The Congressman the same nothing.Obama said he WAS going to put this health plan on us regaurdless of what the public wants.We pay this damn dictator did anyone see on television tonight Chavez was shuting down radio stations and they have one television station.This happened to anyone that spoke against him and got four years in prison.Obama is following the same path that bastard will not take no for a answer.I would guess this could easy turn into public unrest and war.I hope not but America will not have a communist government without us resisting him!

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I have contacted my congressman but he will not reply.I guess when they need votes they will come out and face the music.We are a country of millions and they are a hand full of crooks they are not my leaders.I have no respect for any of them they better insure their rug rats and old ladies on this crap and let them die.That is what they have for us Obama is a black Hitler they say history repeats itself.There are some damn fools in this country that falls for this stuff I could sale them anything they are stupid as Obama would call it.He is not my president and never will be.I wish we could go and pick our own president and let ACORN and the black panthers have this dumb ass.America please wake up time is running out!!!

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As large as this country is and all the people in this country how can these politicians over power the public?It seems like we should have a say about this stuff they are pushing on us.The way I understand it if you have a business you better not make a profit.I would like to know how would you get buy breaking even or losing?The people that work and have paid in for Medicare will be paying peoples health care that are to sorry to work this is not right.If we continue to give these people free housing food stamps free medical care,what is going to give them the need to go to work.The way it is now they just stay home have babies,mugg people for extra money and we pay for it with more taxes!

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I found out that this health care crap was for the illegal immagrints.Hell lets insure Kenya also or all of Africa.I wish Obama would take his sorry ass back Africa with the rest of this so called African Americans they cause all this crap.They are stupid ,dumb and looking for a free ride just so they think they can sit on their lazy butts!I have seen the so called black panthers bulling people at a voting place.I wish one would come at me with a billy stick.His ass would be in hell in about the time he raised it to hit.I don't know about you folks but enough is enough damn all these minorities there sure are a lot of them to be a monority!

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I hope Obama hits rock bottom.We are in trouble about having any kind of elections they are fixed.Did anyone see Fox news this morning it showed a voting headquarters about a year ago.There were black panther group standing out front with billy stick calling people racial slurrs.We need to run his black butt out of Washington.

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The problem is the government letting all these illegals in our country.Think about it all of these thugs and illegals go to our hospitols for free that costs the hospitols.Then the hospitols will pass the bill our insurance companies.They have to charge more to make up the loss.That woman in California that had a boat load of kids we are paying for that!Pelosi wants to fix it where they can control our life and say who lives or dies.I want that witch to have the same insurance too.

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I don't know when they will open their eyes.The country has taken the Bible ,and Christmas and soon Easter but I still have all three and I will not give any of them up.Lets keep fighting and keep our freedom.Take care my friend

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The FBI would have the KKK or skinheads arrested on the spot.If your black you can do and say what you want and get by with it.We will get hate mail about this there are some panty waist people that are afraid to open their mouths unless it is chewing me out.Take care my friend

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I hate to bring this up again but I saw it on Fox News this morning.It showed Black Panther member with night sticks calling people racial names and threatened them at a voting place about a year ago.Obama had the case thrown out of court.I That is how Obama got his votes by bullying people.Where are all the people at that called me a racist.What I have been saying is true I guess that is why this people get mad.I am not afraid to stand up for what I think is right.Everybody wants to tip toe around the blacks so they will not offend them but they can call us what they want to.That is the very reason this country is like it is.If they can have the black panther group what is wrong with the KKK or Neo Nazi?I did nit see any of those groups out there with billy stick threatening people.Why are all the people that accused me of being a racist come explain the difference.I will not bend to these people never.We can not have a fair election because of ACORN or Black Walnuts and the black panthers.Now you people raise hell at me again.

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I just made a statement about a battle flag I had on my car and I would never put a Obama sticker on anything.I have the right and so do you to put what you want on your car.Obama has got people whipped but not me I remember VietNam and his kind they are killers of man,woman or child.America had better wake up before it is to late.Thank you for your response it made since.