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I think that we should never have interfered with the Libyans why dos it matter if we do any thing we should have just let Mubarak do what he was going to do and have some sort of stability in the region now we have no idea who going to come to power.

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Why dos every one cited Freakonomics on this sight, it really isn't that great of a book and the authors make a lot of leaps in there conclusion, while the authors point out numerous "correlations" between abortion and crime reduction. but has there ever been a true study on the correlation of abortions and crime rates, pleas share if you know of one. Also the 50's has one of the lowest crime rates in U.S. history which would be the time that most kids born in the 30's a really bad time one in which "responsible" people would note have kids because of obvious reasons. So most kids born in the 30's are "underprivileged" kids from poor families as poor people are generally the group you refer to as having all these abortions that other wise would have grown up to contribute to the crime rates. I don't agree or disagree with abortion, i just think its a leap to say that the demographic who get abortions are predisposed to being "bad" for a lack of a bedder word.