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It starts with your posts... Then some of your neighbors. Then maybe you.

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"Educators go through education for a reason. "

Well... Yes they do. They want an easy job, where they don't have to do much... And teaching is better than actually working. Not to mention that "education" in the field is administered by affirmative action recruits who are too dumb to work for the private sector.

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Get out to the polls folks, and vote these corrupt RINOs out!

VOTE for 100%, hardcore, CONSERVATIVE bad@sses in EVERY election!

From local school board to the oval office: CONSERVATIVE candidates only!

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This is an outrage. It's now clear that this administration if making preperations for military actions against the people. From the "domestic" assignment of NorthCom in violation of the precedent of Posse Comittatus, and the use of Federal "Homeland Security assets, (troops) assisting local Police for "training purposes" (gun confiscation training, roadside stops and searches...) To the recent Security act signed by his highness over Christmas in Hawaii, which allows dear leader to imprison, secretly, without charges or due process of any sort, any American he deems a threat.
They're setting up the vise, and they're clamping down.
Under the guise of "keeping us safe" from the "terror threat," they meticulously propagandize us through a manipulated media. They stoke fear and division amongst the people, and use the anxiety they create to sieze this frightening new power.
People have to wake up and speak up. There are crimes being committed here folks. Our Republic as we know it, is at stake.

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These "new numbers" from the gov't are lies. They are lying about the vast numbers of unemployed actually being reduced. They are lying about the economy. the economy is still tanking, there are no infrastructure jobs left in the US, more US jobs are sent out of the country EVERY DAY. No one is hiring for any kind of meaningful work that could provide an adequate wage.
Our elected leaders are liars and criminals. They're pumping and dumping the country for short term profits--selling out their own people to get rich.

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$14.50 for a movie!?! $14.50? For one ticket? For a movie?!?! Are you people just plain nuts?! This country's gone insane.

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For Pete's sake, just pick an identifying term that's not offensive, let everybody know what it is, and stick with it... But then that would eliminate the drama then, wouldn't it?

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Television is for the stupid.

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What a bunch of sanctimonious nonsense! Breitbart should be ashamed of running crap articles like this

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Other than differences on meaningless, divisive social issues; there is essentially no difference between the policies of both parties, other than which faction of criminals derives the greater portion of graft. The American people and our Republic have been sold down the river, and the complicit propagandists in the Media stand by and act like everything is normal and real...