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Zeon makes me think of only one thing, and that is Gundam.

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Well, I finally got around to finishing the season finale. I really, REALLY doubt anyone is going to see this a good two or so weeks afterwards so I get to say whatever I want to, HAH! I'm going to give a review for the episode and then for the season in general. Don't like it? Well it's my opinion, you can write your own.

Overall this episode was for the most part pretty good. As far as finale's go it's my second favorite. I like it more than the season 1 and MOST DEFINITELY more than the season 3 finale. Still Season 2's still had something I liked more about it. That said this episode was definitely good.

The villain is perhaps the most genuinely threatening and evil Villain yet. Discord came across as threatening but at the same time his goofiness took a bit away from it, Nightmare Moon is easily the most 'fairy tale' like villain but because of her sympathetic backstory and of course the fact she eventually goes back to being Luna I don't find her all that threatening, Chrysalis was most definitely the best 'plotter' of the villains and the most interesting design by far. Now let me use Sombra as a comparison for Tirek.

Sombra was a TERRIBLE villain. He had no build up, he had no shtick, and as far as villains go he was BORING. He wasn't active, he didn't DO anything other than make faces from behind a magical shield wall. The ONLY threat he had was the traps he had set in place. Oh boy! Let's award him because of paranoia! You can tell I HATED Sombra, and no the type of hate you SHOULD have for a villain. Tirek however is different. His power of taking away one's talent and power and using it to make himself stronger is pretty dang threatening. He wasn't some inactive idiot making faces and sneering about 'crystals...crystals' like some drug addict begging for a fix. He got his hands dirty. He is also the most biggest powerhouse of a villain we've had yet. Overall I'd say he's my third favorite villain, just behind Chrysalis and Discord.

I FINALLY can accept Twilight as a princess. I'm sorry but before hand she really didn't DO anything to make her DESERVE her princessness anymore than the other Mane 6. I think now it's been proven that she IS ready to finally become a princess. So that's all good.

I'm both disappointing and happy with what they did with Discord. On one hand I DO like the fact that Discord was never truly one hundred percent good guy, and that he WAS lured away to join with Tirek. On the other hand the fact he DIDN'T expect Tirek to do what he did to him was...well kinda felt out of character for Discord not to have seen it coming.

The battle between Tirek and Twilight was amazing and the best fight scene yet. Though I have to admit when they all got those hair extensions I couldn't help but cringe a bit. They were GAUDY. Kind of reminded me of Super Saiyin 3 which is JUST as cringe inducing. Other than that though I thought it was cool

Overall, it was a good episode to end the season on.

As for the season itself. Yeah I gotta admit, this season wasn't that great. It was HEAPS better than season 3, mind you. But that's like saying you're awesome for rolling a number less than seven on a six sided die. There were some GREAT episodes like Flight to the Finish, Maud Pie, and Filli Vanilli. But for the most part none of the episodes really interested me. Especially the supposedly 'important' episodes where they gain their keys I didn't care much for. Still the only episode I genuinely hated was Rainbow Falls. Other than the premiere and finale to season 3 There is no episode I hate more than Rainbow Falls. The ONLY good thing about that episode was the ten or so second Derpy Scene.

Still that's one bad episode, compared to we'll say, six to maybe seven good episodes, and the rest are rather bland and Generic. Still I prefer bland and generic over rage inducingly bad. Not a bad season, but here's hoping Season 5 is better and be happy at least it's not as bad as season 3.

So my list for favorite seasons so far, from best to worst is now: 2,1,4,3

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Well, this sounds like a terrible finale to me. But I don't think it can get any worse than Magical Mystery Cure, hopefully.

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Well, Street Fighter IV Turbo Awesome Mega foxy ultra gamut the really really finale version is about to come out. I also think FF25 is coming out soon, I have high hopes that maybe THIS one will be good. Still waiting for that remake of FF7 though...

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But, bigfoot is real. he came over and had tea with me this one time.

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The lord Helix hath blessed us this day.

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Yeah, I don't really care that they own the show. They tried to stop the creative freedom of the fandom by pulling a C&D on a fan made game of which they weren't making a profit on. I've had a negative opinion on Hasbro ever since. Season 3 and the movie most certainly didn't help said opinion.

While the legal system may be so messed up that they can get away with crap like that, I'm still free enough for now at least to express my dislike for said company and express it I shall. So not only will I say 'up yours Hasbro' I will also say "SUCK MY KNOB!'

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Personally? After watching season 2 I found season 1 merely 'good'. It had solid episodes but other than Party of One and Winter Wrap Up none of the episodes really stand out to me as being 'uberawesomemegaultra good' if you will. Season 2 was chock full of some of the BEST episodes of the entire season, especially the later half of Season 2. Season 3 I hate with a passion, I see only three episodes being genuinely good and of the rest only two that are passable. I'm hoping Season 3 will be to MLP as to what other series have with a single bad season, treat it like the black sheep of the family and for the most part skip over.

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Well, well, well. I waited until Monday to see it so that I could give my full unabashed, unbiased review without any of my emotions conflicting with my view. If this episode had been bad, if it didn't do what it did, it would have been the last episode of MLP I would ever watch as I was ready to leave the fandom. My view on this episode is perhaps the most unbiased I can get considering I haven't had any contact with the fandom or it's view on Twilight Alicorn, or damn near anything, for the last nine months. So these views are my own with nothing affecting them.

However the episode was genuinely good. It handled all the issues I had with the season 3 finale really, really well. Talking on each and every issue and addressing it. While I'm not fully on board with Princess Alicorn Twilight Sparkle, I'm at least happy to see they know what they're doing, for the most part.

I like the fact we get more backstory on equestria and the princesses. I like the fact Discord isn't fully good but still the mischievous trickster spirit he originally was. I think the concept of an invading Everfree as very interesting, and origional, as well.

It also was able to get rid of the Deus Ex Machina that is the Elements. Let's be honest here, ever since the finale to season 2 the writers have had to find ways to get around the whole elements, so permanently getting rid of them like this is a good thing. It also introduced that little box which adds mystery and an overall plot to this season.

For the last nine months I've been debating about leaving the fandom. Finally deciding that the premiere to season 4 would decide. I decided if it did at least one of three things I wouldn't give it up. If A) twilight lost her princess/alicornness, B) they EXPLAIN and ADDRESS the issues with making a character royalty, and C) make an actual good story for a premiere. Two of those wishes have been fulfilled. Overall, it was a solid premiere to what I hope will be a good season. I also fully intend to once again, join the fandom.

However, let me say something. I am willing to accept Alicorn Twilight. I am not however going to simply 'trust the writers' as so many have said. When the writers make a bad episode they will make a bad episode and get called out for it. Season 3 was for the most part a TERRIBLE season. The premiere was crap, the later episodes crappier still, and the finale was the worst I've seen. Let's not even get started on the movie. My opinion on them are not changing. Something that was horrible a year ago is still horrible now. But, as I said. I have been convinced to give Alicorn Twilight a chance, and the writers a chance, to show that it isn't decending into complete and utter stereotypically girly mess that ruins entertainment and is the reason why the term "girl's cartoon" has such a negative connotation.

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Yes, yes I do. I believe the writers have the possibility to change it around. Perhaps it is a false hope but it is a hope none the less. I am going to give it a chance, because I LIKE my little pony. I don't want to leave, I don't WANT it to be bad. That said I can't drink piss and call it rain. Let me say something that I promised I would never say to anyone.

You are the personification of reason the fandom has become what it has become. The fandom is now on par with the abused housewife that refuses to admit her husband is beating her. You remember the past and how great it was and refuse to look at the here and now and how crappy it has become. It has betrayed everything it stood for. It is no longer the show that champions the rights of little girls to be who they want to be. It is now the exact same as every single other little girl's entertainment. It's all about boys and fashion, sparkles and princesses, out of character moments and sheer stupidity. My god, the haters are now RIGHT! We are just grown men and women watching stereotypical little girl show animation garbage. The fandom refuses to see how bad it's become and instead it insults EVERYONE who dares argue differently. Love and Tolerance? That's complete garbage.

I can't take you seriously. The episode and indeed the movie was the largest, biggest, stupidest piece of shit that betrayed the rest of the series since The Last Airbender did to the Avatar franchise. If you or anyone else truly considers this finale bilge to be anything less than the ass end of animation and story telling then you have, simply put, the worst taste I have ever seen since the Twilight fandom. So no I will watch the premier of season 4, because I'm such a goddamn masochist that I feel like giving the writers one last chance, chance seven out of seven to try to turn this show from becoming generation 3 part two. If it is still as horrible as season 3 has been then I will retire from the fandom, I will leave a final post, for closure and my benefit not for anyone else, and we will, I hope to god, never see or comment to each other again. No I will not meekly wonder off into that good night. I will not act like a little slave and fawn over the horrible series it has become. I will give it a fair, and equal chance for the year that I was a brony. If it is good I will remain a brony, if not then I will not stick with a dying show and I will leave, a prospect I find better and better with every passing day with the stupidity I see in the fandom. I will not however quit just because some douchebag idiot fanboy who thinks his opinions can affect my view says a few mean things on the internet. Quite frankly, you can take your stupid arrogant false observations about me and you can go fuck yourself up the ass with it. I am done with you good sir, I will from now on ignore ANYTHING you say and I suggest you do the same. Good day and piss off.