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Someone should start a candidates page for all the people who are going to be running that believe in the 9 principles and 12 values.

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My friend Alex Snitker is running for US Senate in 2010 for the state of Florida. Please check out his website and if you agree with his views and live in Florida please print out the candidate petition form and send it to him. He has some great ideas :)

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Humor and Truth, Nice!

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When I hear the word democracy, I cringe. Is the education system in this country so bad that no one knows that the United States of America is not a democracy? I am convinced now of the dumbing down of our once great society. We are a republic people, look it up. Let me clear this up for people who don't know. When our founding fathers put together the constitution, at the convention, in Philadelphia, in July, with no air conditioning, they debated and hashed out every detail. They wanted to spell out their vision is such a way to insure the individual rights of the people. The rule of law, not mob rule. What we have now in Washington is mob rule (aka democracy). In order to prevent mob rule, or any one person or group of people from having absolute power, our founding fathers separated the power.

They gave us first and foremost individual rights. (i.e. We the People). They also gave states rights. The individuals in the states would elect representatives who they felt would look out for their interests so everyone could go about their business, in other words.... try to succeed in life (i.e. pursuit of happiness). Each state would have its own sovereignty. It would be able to regulate (to make regular, not to oppress) commerce and concerns of its people who live in the state. In order to form a more perfect union (see in school you memorize these words but do you really know what they mean?)......... the power given to the states was everything not explicitly given to the federal government. They did not want this part of the government to be oppressive; they wanted it to be there to help out when an issue could not be resolved by the states. These people had lived under a monarchy and knew how dangerous this was for the rights of the individual. They even went as far as to split up the power of the federal government. James Madison even said that basically it was intended to give equal power to the three branches but that the judicial branch (given that justice is supposed to be blind) predominates, and this has been historically the branch that is supposed to have the last say in a matter that cannot be resolved by other means. The Supreme Court of the United States has lifetime appointments for a reason. The justices are supposed to uphold the Constitution no matter what, but history shows that this is not always the case. In fact in the past hundred or so years it’s done a pretty piss poor job.

So here is my question....if our forefathers very carefully constructed this document so that no one person or group of people could have more power than any other part of our republic, then how did we get to where we are today? It's coming up on the birthday of our great nation. I think that every American should ask themselves this question and really think about the answer and come to some kind of realization about the role of government. If you are like me you will be outraged and disappointed in our elected officials and the blatant lies they tell. It insults your intelligence and if I were you I would be mad as hell. If you wake up and open your eyes you will see it, coming from both sides, and has been coming for decades. How did we let it get so bad? If you don't see it, then you are not paying attention...........