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Dear Mr Baker, you have gone amazingly quiet on all the BREXIT issues that business is facing trading with the EU. Many problems caused for example I can no longer do my EU role as my professional qualifications are no longer valid. My business is facing international banking charges and paper work in the cyber security world that you would never of dreamed of. Please stop holding a gun to the Government and get up off your cushy chair and help sort out this Berxit mess that you and your ERG colleagues caused. Previously your were a bit of hero of mine but now with your help I voted for self destruction. The g9overnment are doing the best they can for covid so for the sake of the party let those who know whet they are doing get on with it for all our lives. Just lead your ERG colleagues to help sort out the BREXIT mess which is your specialist area. Otherwise put up and shut up.

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Not only are business's suffering from Covid we now have all the Brexit stuff. It vwas totally irresponsible of the Government to introduce the end of transition in the middle of the pandemic. Now Gove and Johnson and the rest have gone quiet on us. Not only do we now get extra charges but EU banks are now charging for international payments. We are getting shafted by the deal daily and not a word from those mouthy ERG hooligans. Why don't they come to account for this mess taht we are facing. No they are nicely tucked up in their homes taking their nice £70k plus salary. I dare one of the ERG to come on this forum and account for the mess and reassure us that it will all be ok. That's what we need now honesty in this pandemic. Our business people need help to see us through Brexit. I have just learned that I can no longer trade in the EU as my Professional Engineering qualifications are not recognised. My qualifications have been recoginised all my working life but somehow the referendum forgot to mention this type of thing so I voted in fact for self destruction. So come on you ERG lot one of you Baker, Moog, etc show some strength and help us out. You normally so noisy and opinionated but not now. You have disappeared. All buy the way they also forgot to mention about our business software that is from the EU. Apparently now cannot use it as its classed as classed as only for use in EEA, EU etc. Not UK. What an absolute mess!

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The rubber boats could well be UK citizens looking for prosperity overseas. Just a thought that we hope will never happen.

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I am not a remainer but I do think that the government will be extremely irresponsible to inflict more pain on the country at this time. The ERG members who go on TV radio say go-ahead with no deal and holding a gun to the Prime Ministers head should be ashamed of themselves. They in no way represent the views of the average voter and most of the ERG have nothing to lose. As for me I am one of those people who have to make BREXIT happen in my critical UK industry and we are unable to do our bit until 1st Jan 21. But we have only a skeleton staff on over the holiday as many are ill and therefore this presents a risk. We also need our EU partners to do their bit at the same time as us to ensure a safe no deal is done. So my advice to those ERG members and those that suck up to them is 'zip your gobs' and at let the Prime minster get on with his difficult task even if it means going into the new year with discussions due to everything else that is going on. So please consider the wider picture before going on TV and Radio and saying that everything will be ok. You make the country look stupid in the eyes of the world. I trust the Prime Minister will do the right thing for the country and we will go ahead with a deal or no deal but now is not the time.

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Can anyone tell me whether ERG members will lose out as a result of BREXIT. Probably not. JRM moved his fund to Ireland as he knew 3 years ago that there would be problems ahead. I was a borderline BREXIT voter and was persuaded that a trade deal would be easy. My faith was reinforced by Johnson's Oven ready Deal. Now when I saw my pension fund report state BREXIT was now a considerable risk and it strikes me that those with the biggest mouth from ERG ref BREXIT had nothing to lose. When I see the Government ministers saying it will all be alright and we will prosper I get feeling of anger that the are not telling the truth. I believe Gove and Johnson really want BREXIT to go away. So please let me know which ERG members will lose out with No deal, Australian Deal or whatever the spin. So as a person who voted for BREXIT I feel I am part of the problem and now have a very reduced pension.

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Looking at your comments I think you have been asleep throughout the EU saga. There are lots of intelligent people who said that a deal would be easy. You would have heard this mentioned many times had you not been asleep. Also whilst you have been sleeping an area in Paris was constructed to accomodate British companies who need to set up home in the EU to continue trading. Like the company I work for. Also whilst you have been asleep you are not aware of strict rules and regulations placed on UK companies trading into US and Canada. So I suggest you get yourself checked out for being too sleepy and making you look very silly with your comments.

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Oven ready deal. We are unable to arrive at the easiest deal in the world. The dynamic duo promise the earth but have delivered nothing but a Kent Garage. They are now in a no win situation and neither of them are completer finishers so I suspect they will spin something that sounds good like we have an Australian type deal, Which means nothing. As for the author of this article. I would like some of what his on. Seems to be another load of codswallop.

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I'm missing the plot somewhere. How is it that a trade deal with the EU is seen as the devil and a trade deal with the Us the holy grail. I voted Brexit on the understanding that we would leave the EU with a trade deal. Can someone please explain in simple terms why a trade deal with the EU will be the end of the Conservatives. I work for a company that trades with the EU and world wide. A lack of a trade deal will cause problems and a lot of companies are opening offices in South West Paris. So I ask those mouthing off about the EU trade deal to explain the rational behind this. I really look forward to an intelligent answer. Mr Moog moved his business to Ireland for sound reasons to continue trading and prosper post Brexit.

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Could I please ask how you know that the Tempest is ITAR free? We all hope it is but can you really be sure that there is no ITAR controlled software on board?

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Everyone seems to be expert on BREXIT so maybe I will get an answer as to how I export a sensitive equipment say to Coastal Greece by land. The point being that it it has components both Hardware and software which were imported under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The government has gone mute on this stuff. But with all the experts here I expect I will be corrected. I've never seen so many Consultants in the know so please help me with this.