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Paying Taxes via a 401K election method?

So I had an idea that might be worth brainstorming on. The idea was to have the government allow us to make selections on what our taxes go to in the same way that you select an investment portfolio in a 401K. In a 401K you have a choice to divide your money up among different investment portfolios by a percent of your total investment. So, using this same method when paying your taxes they should include pay groups, allowing the tax payer to have a choice in where their money goes, i.e. Defense, Social Programs, and Space Exploration. In this way it would allow people to support programs, using their wallet books. Programs that do not perform and do not deliver a valuable service to the citizen would be poorly funded, and those that are higher quality would receive the greater portion of the taxes.
Here is an example of what I would choose
50 % - National Defense, 20 % - Infrastructure support including roads, 20 % - For education , 5 % - National Parks (Heck have you seen some of these places, beautiful! ), 3 % - for welfare programs, 2 % - For Governmental overhead

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We are getting traction and they know it!

I was listening to a liberal radio host this morning on XM radio to see if they were talking about these tea parties. The host of the show was labeling us as un-American for protesting which I thought was just hilarious considering all the protesting that Liberals do. He was labeling us in one way or another. He was blaming this on the republican party without realizing that these protests are not party sponsored or focused. I think the thing that I think they are worried about is the pictures of the protests so far, they are normal every day Americans in the pictures, kids, parents, and grandparents not political activists. The bottom line here is that they can say what they want about the tea parties however the pictures tell the true stories. They are Americans standing up for what they believe, the rights to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone.