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This is spot on, Social engineering is used in every aspect of ones life. From munipulating your kids to do what they want or getting information out of them about their friends or other family members, many parents use social engineering tactics without even knowing it. Lets not even bring this into the government/politics, watch some House of Cards and you'll realize that its pretty bad, but there have even been politicians who have gone on record saying that the show is not nearly as bad as it is in real life. Social engineering is a psychological way of getting what you want, some know how to do it better than others. Learning how to spot it and you'll know when someone's trying to pull a fast one on you. Unfortunately, the hard reality of it is that even your loved ones and closest friends have probably tried one form of it or another. Good read!

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Happy Detroit is making some strides towards the future.

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This is the Ultimate Camping vehicle! HAHAHAH~!

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I'd love to see a test with the Tesla on this list. New battery technologies are coming out every day, lets get a new article going with different test vehicles please!

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I love this concept, but the reality of it is that people who ride motorcycles need sustained speed and MPG on current superbikes aren't that terrible. Other than the sustainability factor, what else is there to gain from this? The annoyance of charging batteries more often far surpasses the benefits in my opinion.

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it's about time something is done about the air pollution that's steadily increasing in California. Unfortunately not everyone can afford buying a Tesla, but i think prices will come down eventually as their patents are not public.
However, 1 thing i dont really agree with on this is article is when they mentioned the small businesses should be moving to more populated areas where people live? Problem with this is most established businesses have repeat customers,due to their locations and what not, lets not even mention all their business listings online and other vendor/supplier contacts who know their locations. Its not as easy as they say.

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I'm surprised there's no sponsorship logos on the vehicles, as they cars look like they're designed for nascar!

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this doesn't get any better, especially due to the wealth transfer that is continually going on now in the world around us. if more wealthy people would use their money for good, we could rid ourselves of malnourishment throughout the world rather quickly. lets not even bring the chemical companies into the picture, they have huge lobbying power not only in the USA, but throughout the world as well.

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Mom doesn't know the difference between 1 or 0 when it comes to computers, she probably just deleted all of them lol

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cars are the only thing i couldn't draw when i was growing up and i will still not attempt it, although i did cut corners too LOL