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It's called "unashamedly unprincipled".

Rules, laws, are only as good as the willingness to uphold them, not measured by how easy they are exploitable.

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If that is your attitude, it is no wonder that politics is the way that it get what you expect and cannot see anything bigger...

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Polar opposites cut from the same self-serving opportunistic cloth...whither Canada?

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Is this supposed to be yet another example of Harper as "master tactician"? He points out the only scenario in which his party can survive, and reveals that his strategy is not to govern effectively or gain credibility through goal has been to create a political vacuum in the centre that can be split between the CPC and the NDP.

Frankly, this just points out how infantile he is. Only he would regard politics as some dungeons & dragons super fantasy, where political parties are entities that can simply be effaced, instead of realizing that they are the embodiment of the political will of the population.

Maybe in some uber-masturbatory fantasy, voting blocks of people just simply disappear, but in the real world they just lay low or simply lose interest unless there is a reason for them to take notice.

And it seems that this time around, they are taking notice.

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"We don't want to bite the hand that looks like will feed us..."

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And we can thank the LPC under Martin and Chretien for the fact that, despite the massive spending spree of the CPC since it took over government, Canada can still claim to have the smallest deficit.

Imagine that...the CPC is willing to take credit for Liberal policy.

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What should have been emphasized, I think, is how naive the NDP was in believing (and continues to believe, for that matter) that they could negotiate with the CPC to get them to implement any single aspect of the NDP platform.

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And so the Ministry of Information successfully re-educates a straying acolyte...

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If it does happen that Harper gets his majority, then the media can pat itself on the back for being so complicit for so long in the Harper charade.

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It shouldn't be discounted. The first and best example of mobilizing the vote through the internet happened in South Korean in the election of Roh Moo Hyun as President: