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The real reasons behind the global scare tactics are all about power and money. If you can scare people enough they will vote with you and they will complain less when they are taxed more. It is also an excuse for governments when they see the economies failing. It is an old trick: Create a crisis and hide the issues.

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The closer we get the American election the more desperate the Obama supporters are. This is a great example of an Obama reporter trying to 'taint' Obama's opponent. Then it goes on to give a huge bit of credibility by quoting one of Obama's biggest supporters... Carl Lewis..... expect this kind of poor, bias reporting a lot more in the run up to the election as Mitt has proved to be pretty gaffe free compared the the "You didn't build this... Obama"..... as for Mitt's comments.... they were spot on!

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Not Stephen Nolan, but the BBC should be. Stephen Nolan could switch across to a commercial channel any time his contract runs out.

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Stephen Nolan is worth every penny he is paid. He is not a public representative. Representatives are servants of the people and should declare every penny they earn to ensure that they are not being corrupt with their power. Stephen Nolan is not a public servant he is a radio presenter and entertainer.

The fault here is that people are complaining because the BBC are paying him..... the BBC has a problem in that it is outdated and defunct. The argument used to be that we needed an independent public funding media outlet to get programs like nature and political programs. Not so any more.

It is hard to believe that in this day and age that we pay a tax to watch TV. If they started to tax the internet people would all scream and shout. But people seem quite happy to fork out their hard earned moneys to allow a media outlet to broadcast and to top it all off..... we pay a tax to watch 'any' tv channel not just the BBC.

If this hair-brained schemed were a new scheme placed in front of people today as a fresh idea the person who would propose such a scheme would be pilloried.

Politicians are using this as revenge of Stephen Nolan for him exposing their short comings. If the political manipulators succeed in driving Nolan away then they are playing right into the manipulating politicians hands and then who would expose their dirty underwear?

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Did I really insinuate that I was a politician in the last sentence.... I just insulted myself.