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Hello! Has anyone seen this sold out necklace in store or maybe ordered it recently and doesn't need/want it? Mine got cancelled in the 40% off sale and I'm really disappointed :)

Please email me at - thanks so much!

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Hello! Looking for this sold out necklace - if anyone sees it in store or just recieved it and no longer wants it - mine got cancelled in the 40% off sale!

Please email me at Thanks so much!

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I've found a bunch of things that say sold out online & through CS by having my store check for availability using their in store mobile. They always seem to be able to locate other stores that still have inventory when CS can't. I would try calling your local store & having them check on a sold out item for you.

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Roxy, question about the length of the blouson dress - the website lists it at 36" but it looks shorter than that IRL? What do you think it actually was? Thanks!

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Hey Val, I just used my Feb b'day discount in my local store (shout out to all the wonderful staff at cherry creek, CO) for an online only order & got free shipping cause it was placed in the store.

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Love it!

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Happy b'day Roxy! Just wondering if you ordered the haul online and if you get free shipping with the birthday discount? I"m a feb birthday and everything I would like to order is online. Thanks!

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Hi! I saw several of these at the Park Meadows store in CO last week - they're hanging in the back sale room.

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Winter closet purge! Please email me at if you are interested or if you have any questions. Paypal only, please. Thanks for looking!__

NWT Pattern Maker's coat. Size 14. $105 shipped._

_NWOT Harvested Honey coat size 12. $125 shipped_

_RARE! EUC Sparrow Cape Coat cardigan size L. $89 shipped

NWT Pointedly skirt size 14. $45 shipped

EUC Made to Measure skirt size 12. $59 shipped

EUC Euchre Jersey dress size XL. $59 shipped

EUC Curtain Call sweater dress size M **a little pilling** only worn once. $59 shipped

EUC Ganni Embossed Basket dress size L. $69 shipped

EUC Gran Sabana shirt dress size L. $49 shipped

NWOT Laced with Grace dress size 14. Never worn. Original slip included. $69 shipped

EUC worn only once Many Folds dress size 12. $59 shipped

NWT Allihop Top of the Line chemise/dress size M. $39 shipped

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It seems to be my experience that if an item is available online in an XL it is always the first size in the run to sell out! Even while it's still listed in the new arrivals section. I can't count the number of times I have clicked on the size selection, been very excited that they have an XL offered and then seen the dreaded 'sold out' It's just so disappointing. If it is the first size to sell out, shouldn't someone in corporate inventory be noting this trend and upping the quantities available?