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Nicely written, very concise and timely. But it will not convince the great ill-informed masses who fear for Israel.

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One your first point, I think it is good that someone seeks out or listens to a variety of beliefs, opinions and ideology. Just because someone is exposed to a set of beliefs including from friends and family doesn't mean that they have those same beliefs and act upon on them. Where you say Frank Davis was a radical communist I believe he is just an activist. Activism is a great thing.

Liberation Theology may suggest that class struggle is an important principle. So what? If you haven't noticed financial inequality is an important social issue. So important in fact, the Occupy movement has arisen. The current recession hasn't seen a typical recovery, especially when it comes to employment. Don't be scared of Marxist principles some are very apt.

As an Australian I am not familiar enough with his White House appointments. What I do know is that only the right-wing in America claims Obama is socialist. Try adding a socialist category to Obama's Wikipedia page, a website where neutrality is enforced and it wouldn't stay. If you think a socialist could ever become POTUS you don't understand how modern politics works. There are no socialist parties or group advocating for Obama. What I was asking for was examples of the implementation of socialism, not who he may of associated with.

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None of these examples are clear.

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They can't help themselves. They can only react, not think. They have been conditioned by right-wing media. This is why they all repeat the same nonsense. It is an echo chamber. They don't respond to logic and reason. They live in a simplified world where conservatism is always right, liberals are always wrong, Israel can never be criticised, USA fights good wars for peace, capitalism is the only economic system that is good, Hugo Chaves is a dictator, Hamas are terrorists, gays are sinners and so forth. Anything beyond this black and white worldview confuses them.

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Yes, then the armed forces may achieve something.

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Can you provide three clear examples that unquestionably prove Obama is socialist? Do you even know what it means? You do know his election campaign was heavily funded by bankers?

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First off Iran does not have to justify nuclear power as the non-proliferation treaty, which hasn't been signed by the dirty Israel, allows nuclear programs for peaceful purpose. Secondly Iran may prefer to export most of its oil and gas and use nuclear energy for power generation. It is not up to you or anyone else but themselves to decide that. I dont see or hear Iran's neighbours began for a war against them.

You got the quote about wiping Israel and jews off incorrect. Jews live quite happily in Iran. When I think of Nazi I think of invading and occupying countries, you know, like the USA and Israel do. Fix things up at home instead of fiddling with the Middle East.

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No fool, they just want nuclear power. The Iranians are being threatened.

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What is this climategate you speak of? Some myth by those who don't want to change their destructive lifestyle. Maybe you weren't aware that eight committees investigated the allegations and published reports, finding no evidence of fraud or scientific misconduct. You seem slow, a little behind the times, traits often found in conservatives.

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That is not what happened. There was a non-violent protest outside a venue. That is called democracy, people having their say. No-one was attacked, except a protestor by the police. Security over-acted while escorting the PM away from the venue.