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No he can't be replaced, and nobody should try to replace him.

He was an original and he showed us the way.

He is a guy I would liked to have meet, all I would have said, "Thanks man, thanks for opening my eyes to just how far this liberal corruption goes".

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Hey man, you will be missed. Who else would go right up to a lib and (metaphorically speaking) dot them right in the nose.

I couldn't believe it, even when he died the press is still lying about the Sherrod deal.

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Caught on camera.

You just gotta hate it when that happens. LOL

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Who are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele? Never heard of them.

I guess that's what I get when I get to watch what I want on my streaming service.

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Cable would have stood a better chance if we had the option to pick and choose what channels we wanted, and charged accordingly.

I'll bet they will try that just before the end.

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Not just Hiss, there are quite a few events of the cold war that would make great films. Far better than Hollywood could make up.

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It would really cheese off the people who made Trek(STNG on), just how many Republicans love the show.

The original Star Trek was very conservative in its nature, Star Fleet was a combined military service. Utilizing the peace through strength idea. They had money, Spock cited how much(in credits) Star Fleet paid to train him. There were capitalists, everything from miners to traders. Even the outright crook looking to expand his personal enterprise. If all else fails fight to preserve life, even in spite of others stupidity.

In TOS I never got the idea there was one central government, we only saw things from the central characters point of view.

It's to bad the later shows and movies(WOK on) moved away from the original concepts of the show. Lucky for me STNG really soured me to Trek, I was so sick of all of the PC ship in a bottle episodes. I lost interest, the main idea of Trek wasn't purely about action or characters. It was about the wonder of what was out there, and the human sprite in the face of those wonders.

I wondered where things were going when they brought up the Ferengi and said they were bad. I couldn't figure out what was bad about wanting to make money? Then there was all of the other nonsense they put into the show.

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They look so serious, I'll bet they are talking about one of three things.

Going shopping afterward.
Criticizing what someone is wearing.
Talking about how good looking someone is across the room.

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Reminds me of something my wife told me when she was in college.
She was a physics major doing word problems.
She looked over at one of her sorority sisters, who was cutting out shapes and pasting them on paper.
Her sorority sister was an education major.

I think if a person declares they know what is best for a perfect stranger's child.
That should be grounds for immediate termination, because people like that are clearly not operating on a full deck.

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They need to get his butt out of the justice department. His attitude says it all, every border agent could get killed and he will never take any responsibility.

I do not think he will leave voluntarily, they will have to force him out. Because he thinks he is doing no wrong.