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In any tech meetup he is going to be looking at a 3 to 1 ratio of guys to girls or worse. Probably much worse.

"No, I'm sorry, I live very close to where he lives and that's not an excuse. "

Why not? In Google and Microsoft girl/guy ratio is 3/7. I don't see why that is not a big problem.

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These groups pretty much state up front whether men are welcome or not. And they won't allow you in the group if your not welcome. So there is no need to assume anything.

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You don't seem to understand how girl/guy ratios effect things.

He is having problems because there are way too many guys and way too few girls in the places he tends to be. The most wonderful man in the world is going to have an impossible time if he meets no women.

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Try Girls who code or one of those types of groups. Usually there the imbalance is the other way around. Way more women than men. There are probably 3 or 4 meetups in your area which are women centered tech meetups that are open to men.

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Why would she sue the company? She never had a problem with it. She said something along the lines of "I'll miss you the most!" when she left. Seeing her go was difficult and painful. And the thing I missed the most was objectifying her every morning when she came in. Which is exactly what I told her.

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I love being creepy. Generally I find that the girls I can be my more creepy self with are the ones I end up being friends or more. My mind is filled with sex whenever a girl is close. So If I'm not discussing it...I'm repressing.

I remember there was this co-worker. Everyday when she was coming in I would check her body out pretty openly. And she would smile and shake her head. God, I miss her.

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True I don't know anything about the dating lives of Neil Degrasse Tyson etc. And you are right that I don't know anything about the lives of the lower classes in those times. They may have spent their whole days talking about their dating lives and how they couldn't get laid. But I doubt it. Reading Dostoevsky who does write about the lower classes it doesn't appear to be their main concern. Their biggest concern appears to be family and making ends meet.

AFAIK people were not paying thousands of dollars to attend seminars to pickup women in Jane Austen's time. They weren't shooting women like Soldini or Elliot Rodgers.They were not complaining that they could not get laid. They were not reading books like Steve Harvey's or magazine like Cosmopolitan describing ways to 100 ways to please your man. And Mr. Collins as loathesome as he was (I never really find him loathsome...just annoying and stupid) wasn't really that concerned about picking up women. He just assumed he would get married pretty easily. And by and large in the book he does.

To me its pretty obvious that something very fundamental has changed.

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I don't really agree with what you have written. I think the basic problem is that society places too much emphasis on sex and relationships. In the past, a guy didn't get laid and it was fine. He was a bachelor. For women it wasn't fine. They were spinsters and old maids. Now the pressure has shifted. Men who don't get laid are losers. That in my view is the reason for the rise of pua's, nice guys and all the rest.

I am not sure why the pressure shift occurred. It probably has something to do with feminism. But as long as its there you will have angry, bitter men.

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I disagree. I think you can prepare. My friend had told me the same thing about interviews...that you can't prepare because there are too many possible questions you could get. But when we actually attempted to prepare for interviews it worked surprisingly well. The reason is that the same types of questions get asked again and again and again and the same scenarios come up again and again and again. It appears that there is an unlimited universe of possibilities but the truth is that at least 80-90% of the interview ends up in the same narrow buckets.

It true what Lee said that you can't script things. But scripting things and preparing are not the same thing. In toastmasters the way you prepare is to have an idea of a few points you want to make and then to practice speaking about those points. I never write down my full speech. I literally develop my speech by speaking it aloud. Usually you find certain areas lacking and other areas that sound quite good. YOu keep practicing and modifying as necessary. I can pretty easily do a 10 minute speech without cue cards. Its not that hard.

Somebody should start the equivalent of toastmasters but for social interaction, flirting, dating etc. It would work.