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insulting in what way may I ask?

Check out the export baskets of Australia and NZ and you'll see what I mean

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this may come as news to you but guess who/what the stumbling block to the EU FTA with India has been ?

it is the (now proven) economically illiterate TM's intransigence on opening up the movement of migrants from India. So blaming the EU for not being able to do a deal with India is shooting yourself in the foot.

she even refused to exclude students from the unrealistic net migration target - another point which proves her economic illiteracy as British Universities are one of the UK's best exporting industries.

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Meanwhile 85 per cent of us backed pro-Brexit parties, entrenching the people’s decision in last year’s referendum to leave the European Union.

The Tory party should stop the ostrich approach.

surely you must've heard about something known as tactical voting ...

one votes for an option which seems most likely to stop an undesirable outcome.
TM and her brand of Brexit was the deeply undesirable outcome. not voting for her was the tactical choice made by voters. The LD campaign never took off so voting Labour was the best possible option to stop the act of economic self harm. Even if JC became PM, he would last at best for 1 term while the red white and blue Brexit espoused by the economically illiterate TM would have had an impact over generations.

I offer results in constituencies like Chipping Barnett (Con hold by 300 odd votes) ; Putney (also Con hold by approx 1500 votes vs 10,000) ; Kensington (Labour now - unbelievable) ; Battersea ...

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its all about expectations - she was expected to win an 80-100 seat majority while JC was supposed to get his backside kicked hard. Neither happened, so he is the moral winner. Conservatives should learn their lessons eg stop being the nasty party, abandon hard brexit and stabilise the economy (which is shaky) postpone an election and then hope for the best.

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may I ask you what it is about the British economy that leads you to believe that a trade deal can be struck with the likes of India and China which is better than the one struck/will be struck by the EU. TM tied her utmost with both India and China and was rebuffed esp byIndia. India will only open up its market to the UK if its students and and qualified individuals are allowed into the country. China has her own issues, and as to deals with Australia and NZ - the idea is ludicrous. what would the UK buy from Australia - iron ore? metals and mining ? from NZ - more lamb ?

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Nadhim, pls look at the economy and and whats to come and tell me with hand on heart that you still think that brexit is right. the tide is turning - how do you explain the result in Kensington ?? people have realised that the referendum was won on lies eg $ 350 mn.

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TM pushed on unnecessarily with a hard brexit like an economic illiterate (which she and nick truly are)
she has never done an industry facing job which teaches you many lessons and is also incredibly humbling.
all she had as opposition for the leader of the party was a woman who blatantly lied about her CV.

the party got an incompetent leader as it put itself into this impossible position. Schama was right to say that that 'you could have picked up anyone off the street, anyone from the yellow pages and they would have done a better job than she did.'