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Congratulations! It may seem a small number, but the turnout was poor generally. I hope more of the good people of Norwich wise up before they have to sample the full delights of multiculturalism.

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The problem is, Englishman first, that our government, and the UN, refuse to designate just who is the indigenous population of each sovereign nation in the world.

The US, New Zealand and Australia have done it; we need to pressurize our politicians into accepting that we are Celt, Anglo Saxon, and Danelaw. (The Normans were Danelaw, under Rollo).. The rest were few, and desperate. (Jews and Huguenots).

Then came the 1950s. Millions since then, who have no allegiance, no sense of our history or the sacrifice of our people, who believed it would inspire others . Instead they decamped, refusing the fight for democracy and equality in their own lands, cowards all. they robbed their countries of skills and intellectual argument. Our greatest crime is that we colluded in this.

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We are still the majority.
Stop patronising their corner shops.
Refuse to buy halal approved products (look for the small sign, on everything containing meat)
This includes even small sandwich shops, garages, etc.
Queue at tills in supermarkets not manned by aliens, even if you have to wait longer..
Demand to know if your child is being fed halal products at school.
Bombard animal rights groups to stop the practice.
Celebrate our national events
Change channel when you hear or see them talk. Deny them viewing figures.
Passive resistance at work. You can't overtly hinder, but you don't have to help.
On the 'phone, if someone is clearly not speaking English so you can easily understand, say so, don't try to understand.

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Well done, sir! So far to go, so far to have come. For the first time, ever, my vote actually counted for something. It is indeed a shame, that the threshold for forming a new group has not been reached. My hope against hope now, is that we can make a breakthrough in the Mother of parliaments, now it has been proven to be full of persons seeking their own glory & enrichment at the expense of their own people; in short, they would sell us into servitude; you, I know, will not.

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If this school is funded by Jewish people, then the intake criteria should be totally their business. I agree with the comments that this is a subversive judgement, which sets a dangerous precedent. Only if the state is part or fully funding something, should the government have a say in it.

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Our borders are like a colander. We need a robust immigration & border control force. The technology must surely exist, to scan vehicles, freight, and identify passengers prior to departure from port, and again on docking / landing. This should include smaller craft. ... Infra red; CO2 detectors, and in the final analysis, people on the ground, at every port / aiport / freight terminal and main line station / coach or bus terminal. Along with a volunteer force, based in their communities, and stringent laws and penalties for harbouring illegal immigrants. I applaud the activists; it's a shame that in this dangerously leftist climate, their acts are risky. I approve of trade and amicable links with our friends in Europe, but not this trade in humans, who should be at home supporting their families, giving of their skills, campaigning for better wages, and fighting their political battles.

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That's because, to them, the advantages of doing so outweigh any repurcussions. someone suggested they might get a lengthy jail sentence; yeah, right!

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Hey, bring it on! The 2 party system, with a token third, are a sham of democracy. The trouble they have, is that people are living longer. They talk to their children, and grandchildren. We give them time; second chances; But all we get is one debacle after another. And my father in law spent years in a japanese concentration camp, saved by the Aussies, weighing 5 stones, to sell our freedoms down the river? Traitors.

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We have to get this out, on the wider net., we need to narrow peoples' choices for truth. But in return, we have to give them what they want & need; transparency, honesty,. Take what is essential, the British will always understand that. We need to be whiter than white, and because we have hidden and skulked about for so long, i think we understand this. Better than that, we are not, and never have been, divorced from normal life. We are the ones who would make our public transport so safe, that anyone would want to travel on it.. Our schools so good, that people would pay to attend. A proper meritocracy, which values a dedicated hospital cleaner as much as a good surgeon. Teams of decent people, who are valued. Europe has nothing to teach us. It is a complete waste of money.

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Really good, I feel a surge of hope! And after listening to a chatshow on Radio Leeds about the current snout - in - trough debacle, it seems that the majority of people have really had it with the big 2 +3rd token party system. Bring it on!