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Wonderful! Thank you Jerry!

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All lives matter. I am a white woman, but I've never seen the so-called white privilege that I was supposed to automatically have. I grew up the granddaughter of a coal miner who died of black lung disease at age 52 (I'm 56 now). Our family was working class, and was never given any special favors.

I understand what this article is about, but we will never be a color blind society as long as we make everything about color. And I will not hate myself because I was born white.

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What a wonderful article! Humorous, touching, and accurate, all in one! Thank you!

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I agree. That kind of took me aback, too.

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Thanks, Erica, for really accurately describing what a depression feels like from the inside. I've experienced several acute, severe depressions through the years, and even though I'd prefer not to, I have to take prescription antidepressants to keep it at bay. Without them, the depression comes back to consume me.

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I'm so sorry you had to go through this.

I had a total hysterectomy at age 40; my doctor at the time, while conducting a regular physical, grabbed my swollen tummy and said "what's this?". I said, "my stomach", and he said he didn't think so and sent me for some tests. I had a huge fibroid tumor (benign), along with endometriosis. That surgery helped; I wish I'd had it done earlier.

When I was younger, I'd had pain so severe that I'd punch myself in the stomach to try to get it to subside, to no avail.

Thank you for posting your experience.

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I was thinking the same thing; one quarter cup of rice is way too little!

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F*ckin' Aye!

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Personally, I'm waiting for this country to hit the wall. There's no way we can keep up this pace and stay integrated. We worked six days last week, with only one day off. Not enough. You can't get done everything that you want and need to get done, let alone sitting down to relax and recharge. Our society is sick and broken. What will finally make it collapse completely?

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I have!