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Test reply

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Hi, i'm testing a new comment. Please disregard.

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Your best bet is to bring up any issues you have with Home (be it the Uncharted 2 space or not) on the PlayStation Home Support message board on ( I know that Home staff are actively reading and sometimes respond to the threads there. Sorry!

Thanks for the on-topic comments too!

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you're such a chronological liar

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Oh I'm terrible! But it's fun and I'm getting better.

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Unfortunately, I'm sure you're aware I'm not at liberty to say yet. But as always, these things do get announced, so the wait will hopefully not be overly torturous.

Thanks for leaving a comment, it's always great to know more people are reading and even might have something to say!

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Awesome! I've found that even if I don't write about it, it makes me think through my gaming experiences a bit more. I've always thought I never thought critically enough and it's limited my own personal insight into the games I play. No longer! I hope at least.

No worries about not keeping it up... it's not, like, your job you know!

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Glad to hear that it actually penalized for using violence. This should make for a good game to do an analysis of from the sounds of it.
Hopefully I get my copy soon.

(Yes, e-mail replies are awesome).

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I haven't even bothered to read the reviews. Although I know I'm in the minority about purchasing games without getting a sense of product quality or value from a reviewer.

I just like what they're trying to do with the story and gameplay in this game, so it intrigues me. Even though it generally takes a pacifist route to the game, I am a little disheartened initially that you can use guns at all. I would have preferred all combat to be limited to the hand-to-hand kind and guns only apply during disarming maneuvers.