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This is certainly good news. I just now found out about this a few minutes ago on twitter. I bet Sheila Jackson Lee had cow when she found out.

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I think the Oregon case is about Fuller trying to say he was too destitute to pay court cost for a crime that he pleaded guilty to. I think the initial crime related to that case pertained to a charge of sodomy or some kind of sexual assault. I have not seen the file of the lower case for the details.

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Reason why he's the only plaintiff named in that case is because its a "Name Change" case. There was no other person. He changed his name from Prince Eric Fuller to James Eric Fuller. The judged issued the order legally changing his name on 11/24/1997

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I believe that Lou will get some kind of protection at Fox. He should not be hanging out there by himself, as we are living in dangerous times.

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I'm gonna email foxnews to request that they hire Lou. Hopefully, they will hire Lou & put him in Oreilly time slot. Or to at least give Lou one of Shep Smith's show slots. Shep don't need 2 shows. Lou need one of those shows.

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That was a lame excuse. They should had allowed Savage to debate. I am sorry this has happened to Savage because I really like him.

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Remind Whoopi of the scene she played in Color Purple. She played the part of a young girl getting raped by her dad & Danny Glover. Ask Whoopi if she thought that was rape or consensual.

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This is another one of WH's lame apologies. Another child kicked under the bus.

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Obama didn't even make public statement offering condelences to the boy's family. After all the barbaric killing happened in Chicago. Yet this selfish arrogant Obama is so into himself, that he overlooks this.

Oprah, Jesse Jackson Jr. & Jeremiah Wright actually live in Chicago. Yet neither one of them weighed in. And I used to think that Oprah was a compassionate woman. I guess I was wrong again!

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The VA is currently charging medicare. Both my husband & I are vets. My husband is a Vietnam vet. When I go to the VA, they act like they don't want to treat the both of us at the same time. The reason we were given is that we are married. My husband, about 6 months ago started getting medical bills charged to his medicare for medicines he did not want. I tried to get my husband on ChampVA, but they wont let him because Im service connected. I think the VA is yanking our chain.

But Obama is full of crap.