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> Pearl came BEFORE Volleyball.

It's the other way around, I'm pretty sure? My understanding of the chronology is that Volleyball was Pink's original Pearl. Pink was violent and threw tantrums, and couldn't control her emotions. Then White took Volleyball away, taking control of her. Pink got a new Pearl, "our" Pearl, and became much better at hiding what she was feeling and keeping secrets, because of her regret for what she did to Volleyball. (Or her desire not to anger the other Diamonds. Take your pick.)

(Volleyball specifically says to our Pearl in this episode, "I'm older than you.")

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> Is that what this whole series is about?

I really enjoy how Steven Universe: Future *is* Steven Universe, and yet it isn't, quite. Still there: the ruthless emotional realism and punches to the heart. Different: the protagonist's adulthood; the emotional struggles of being grownup, the limits to what you can do and not being always okay...Some of that was in the original, especially in the later seasons.

As for how it goes from here...well, you'll just have to see. Please feel free to blame me for everything you're about to experience. I just did a rewatch of all 20 episodes, so I know *exactly* what you're in for...

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Bless you, Mark.

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Apropos of absolutely nothing, I'm doing a Skyrim replay right now, and hearing Claudia Christian every time I turn around at the same time as I'm watching B5 is disconcerting. Sometimes I have B5 in the background *as* I'm playing Skyrim, and I lose track of which one I'm hearing.

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After watching this, I tripped and accidentally kept watching well into season 2.

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From chapter five:

"For a while, Its words were true: the great lizards strode the world and devoured what they would. But it was little more than an eyeblink in terms of geological time before, without warning, the hammerblow fell from the sky. The skies darkened with the massive amounts of dust thrown up by the initial meteoric impact and the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that followed... Not all of them had died, of course. Some had found refuge in other worlds, places more central. One of those worlds was the one where the Old Downside lay. Down under the roots of the Mountain, the descendants of the survivors of the Wise Ones had found their last refuge."

I read that as saying, yes, they're direct descendents of Earth dinosaurs who found a way Downside in the wake of the meteor strike.

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What, like Filif?

(I know what you mean, but it doesn't seem like a very reliable curse.)

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White Diamond (and White Pearl?!!?!) are voiced by musical theatre actress Christine Ebersole, who appears to be BFFs with Yellow Diamond VA Patti LuPone.

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- The family pushing on the shield! And Steven's little smile as he realizes everyone's with him, together!
- Everyone fighting Blue together!
- Peridot's cutely ineffectual barrage of soda!
- Everyone starts considering Bismuth/Peridot as a ship for the first time.
- I...honestly love the "everyone comes out of the waterball in their battle poses" sequence.
- ...holy shit, she's *down.* They *could* do it together.
- ...and the beach is covered in the wreckage of armships, yet again!
- Greg is okay! Cat Steven is okay! And oh, thank god, Pumpkin is okay (you can see her hiding behind the intact stairs)
- Thanks Cluster!
- Nice job, wedding planner.
- More Bismuth/Peridot ship material. Is there a ship name yet? Bisdot? Perimuth? Probably Perimuth.
-, we're not done. Uh. Hi, Yellow. And Blue's not down enough to be *down.*
- are very cute, furiously running up to Yellow and shouting at her in your dress, but you are just a bit out of your league.
- And oh god, she's poofed. (Though...expectation spoilers: abj fur pna ersbez jvgu n fgne... uggcf://jjj.qrivnagneg.pbz/zbetnshe/neg/Jurer-Fubhyq-V-Chg-Gur-Fgne-583226104)
- what the fuck what's going on "what the hoo ha?"
- aaaaaaaa lapis aaaaaa (same expectations: gubhtu fur trgf gur punapr gb ersbez jvgu gur PT fgne gbb)
- Connie is completely disarmed now, but she's still got this.
- The sequence of Steven giving everyone a psychic pep talk is...pretty great, and reflects each of their character growths so wonderfully.
- "I do it for ME!" makes me cry everytime.
- I love Bismuth being included in this sequence and getting her character growth honored. She's back with her friends, and they're *not* fighting a desperately losing war this time: she believes they can do this.
- Yellow and Blue's internal monologues are...actually pretty interesting. For both of them, this is about Pink...and their own grief and responsibility.
- The psychic effort to just *talk* to Yellow and Blue is very thematic. This show is about emotions, communication, and love, not fighting.
- "It's you?! Pink!" (Again with the stellar voicework, Lisa Hannigan.)