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Yes Well done, but will it be shown in the papers and on the news , Even the Media of this Nation are either Too scared or too Blind to see whats in their faces, The british people need to know the truth , it would be nice to see a journalist with the correct morals , to do what Nick has done today Vote BNP I am, THank you Nick for our VOICE.........

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You could argue that "you would do the same in their shoes, ", But at this moment , it seems to me that its the british people that are being invaded by other cultures, and religions and are being , basically forced into making everyone else happy in our own lands and country. someone somewhere thinks we are doing the best for britain , being in Affganistan, but how wrong are they. we leave there , they might leave here, I have friends who are (can i say) Not white, who acctually think the same way, I know British people who have moved from Pakistan and other eastern places to this country , and belive they should change their lives to fit in with the beliefs of the british nation.

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It brings to memory a part in the film BRAVEHEART , when Edward says if we cant get them out we will breed them out , fortunatelly the Welsh, English, Scotish and Irish are all in the same boat so to speak, Edward then is now the Islamic Nation, But the Great British Nation needs enlightment to whats going on , i cant believe that any Government of a nation standing or shadow can stoop so low as to sell out there own, The people of this once great Nation Need to stand together at any cost to give us, The British People a future, not just for us but for our children and our childrens children,