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I'm not sure but I think it was right around the time DIRT was created :)

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Lol. Good way to get your personal rating up!!!

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AND this is nothing but a small part of the bill but they focus the story on the gay part. Ridiculous.

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He voted FOR the health care theft...I mean plan.

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Mindless propaganda is the left. Pelosi (and others) are always in the news saying, just trust us, it'll be better for everyone, you don't need to worry about it, we'll take care of it and you'll all be better for it.
The right is, admittedly JUST starting, to come to the point of challenging the system. This is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind! Challenge the system, ask the tough questions, want to KNOW why things are being done.
The government is supposed to be small. It's the way it was designed. More accountability. Less legislation and especially less that is built so long and complicated that it can squeeze in things that people don't see coming until it's too late.
As per the aforementioned Democrats Point of View, this is absolutely the truth. It is always the liberal mindset that is out in the streets protesting that "it is sooo wrong to put a murderer to death" and they will leave there and go right over to a pro-choice rally and condone the murder of innocents. It's just the facts....

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Maybe there WAS misconduct but I hope the investigation is thorough and if there was wrong doing there should be consequence's.but I think it is just as likely another in a long line of activists looking for publicity.

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26? Kick him out! Get a job. Get a life.

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He lies all the time. He caters to people and turns around and stabs them in the back. Wow. It's right out in the open. Take a look around....

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Ooooor, have a few police officers posing as passengers on some of the deliveries to these areas.......

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Ah yes, anasbc. Silence all who don't agree with you by being rude and disgusting. It's how the left operates now. Be rude and nasty, belittling everyone. They had their little protests all through the Bush years and we're often violent and usually destructive and foul mouthed. Now that the right protests (and mostly peacefully) it is suddenly evil to protest. Major hypocrisy.