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Why do wonker and wonkettes feel the need to attack "the mentally ill" and associate them with the crazy right wing gun nuts who are attacking "the mentally ill" by putting people with mental illness on the burner in the media? Just stop it. By the way, it's "people with mental illness", not "the mentally ill." Taking the article down because it elicits all this gangster-rap stream-of-consciousness hate from commenters would be a very good idea. It's not even a very good article to begin with.

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When will the Catholic Church realize that people are going to use birth control regardless of what the Pope says? They're on the losing side of history. The United States is on the losing side of history. Organized religion is stupid. Religion is stupid. Having religious beliefs is stupid. I have no respect for anyone who has religious beliefs and enforces them on others by denying them birth control because they think different than you do. We are just a terrible, evil species. If powerful extraterrestrials are looking at us and refusing to intervene with technology that can cure diseases and end hunger I wouldn't blame them. We deserve to be left alone to annihilate ourselves because of this kind of willful, cruel treatment of one another. We are watching it happen and we are not doing anything to stop it. Why have religious beliefs at all if these are the consequences? What good do they do? They don't make you a better person. The most successful nations in the world are the most democratic, secular and balanced in gender-equality (to the point of *gasp* women being more powerful and in control of their own lives than men!), and the US is nowhere near the top of that list in any of those things!

We're on the brink of a mass culling of humanity by way of environmental catastrophe, hunger, return of long-dormant plagues and epidemics (thank you, climate change deniers and anti-vaccination idiots!), ultra-nationalism, nuclear war (thank you, idiot Americans who want to go to war with Iran against majority wishes and for some stupid reason that makes sense only to you!), and other things I could say but don't have the patience for.

Denying women the means to control their own reproduction is about the cruelest think I can think of along with denying people food stamps, taking away their homes, and throwing them in prison in record numbers. And it all happens in the United States of America, the imperialist nation of assholes leading the way to armageddon.

Victories in gay marriage and pot legalization are going to seem so far away when you're wondering how it has come to this that abortions have to be life-threatening and you're paying your entire paycheck for basic food and shelter while unpunished Wall Street CEOs are giving you advice about how to cope that involves tipping your pool boy less.

Oh how I love constantly being told the United States is the greatest country in the world.

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Damn, now I'll have to rethink my atheism if the mayor of Flower Mound (?!), Texas can make a very thoughtful and serious decision to declare this, the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Fourteen, the Year of the Bible. I mean, if he prayed on it, shouldn't we take him at his word that God is weeping at the disobedience of His American Children? Maybe I should change my ways and stand my ground against gay-marrying weed smokers who don't love America. Oh, and say Merry Xmas to everyone before that Muslim in the White House cancels Xmas altogether. It's like everything's legal these days except being white and heterosexual. What the hell, man, what's happened to America?

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Aren't the Irish still legally allowed to have a parade that openly denies the existence of Gay People? Not watching a parade because your religious beliefs might be offended might possibly the stupidest anti-gay remark I've heard today that doesn't come from Aaron Rodgers' dad.

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Did they go up to the hotel room after drinking and start discussing the Bible as some sort of Southern foreplay? Did he ask her to slap him (naughty boy!) and things got a little out of control? Oh well. At least no one was shot.

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Sooo...Phil Robertson is a Real American Hero for saying the usual white supremacist bullshit about Blacks and Gays? Oookaaay... Again, why argue? It's a waste of my treasured brain cells. Is that all the Right has now, enforcing a holiday greeting (Merry Xmas!), White Santa (next up, White People claim Nelson Mandela), and Duck Dynasty? I don't read National Review, but I hope someone somewhere in the Conservosphere is checking the "Phil Robertson is a hero" crowd for their pathetic clinging to scraps. But why be concerned about things like Bobby Jindal's gutting of the education system in Louisiana and his state's addiction to diabetes? Nah. A victory for the True Meaning of America is having a reality show on a second-cable channel about whatever the fuck Duck Dynasty is about.

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I'm pretty sure no one is silencing anyone for stating their Christian beliefs, because as an American would know, that is unconstitutional. A&E is the one throwing homophobic and hateful dumbshits a bone by pushing that mental regress back on the air. There's no point keeping him off the show now that everyone knows that his heart of black tar oozes hate. Money to be made, and if I were A&E, I'd capitalize ASAP now that he's the new Christ of white conservative baby-whiny martyrdom. Put his face on everything Elvis and truck it out to every Wal-Mart, Target and Hobby Lobby.

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For some reason this makes me proud to be Canadian.

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This is some sort of world tour of Palintown that has gone on too damn long. The words "So people who are so insulted and offended by what he said evidently are offended by what he was quoting in the Gospel" cannot pass through someone's mind without some sort of check-yourself thought that in the United States the constitution clearly states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion", can they? Well, when it's Sarah, I guess the Constitution is the equivalent of the Stonecutters' Sacred Parchment at a rib dinner.

Surely someone like Sarah (if we accept her words are authentic Palin-think drawn right from the well) wouldn't have been allowed so near the presidency? John McCain is still kicking, but the aging-effect the presidency would have had on McCain in his first term could have brought the world too damn close to President Palin. I guess Sarah's words of wisdom are just entertainment now, but there is no cure for stupid, and Sarah is being herded out onto the airwaves to say these things as a way of getting the message of white privilege out to the world. She is the shepherd of conservative white Christians who don't mind being compared with sheep because it's in the gospels, and never mind that Jesus might have called his followers sheep out of contempt for their stupidity and herd movement behind him.

Sometimes, it's best just to walk away from a conversation when you know you're talking with someone who uses only shallow vagaries and unchecked, bigoted emotion. Sarah does that better than anyone in the media, even Victoria Jackson. You'll listen to her speak and not say a word of rebuttal out of astonishment that someone is actually that stupid and can still present themselves as a reasonably high-functioning person. The Palin family are the Jackson Five of Fox News-speak. Oh, the entertainment value will always be cherished, but the grim reality of their personal lives doesn't make us envious to be them at all.

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Who wins the War on Xmas? WE ALL DO!