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Why are you called the Eternal Optimist again?

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There are limited ways in which heel chasing a title works.
1. When the heel is a gigantic.
2. The heel is a cunning and always one step ahead at every turn.

I think if Becky won the championship and then turned, it would have worked much better.

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Strowman and Kevin Owens

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It factor? Does he really have it? How do we tell?

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If Daniel Bryan can't get the type of contract he wants, it sucks. You have to be Cena, Lesnar or Ronda?

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its not your place to say or judge and no excuses will justify it.

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"Getting injured was the best thing that ever happened to him." I'm sure you didn't really mean it but that's still a horrible thing to say (/write).

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I don't really have problems with all part timers. Part timers who cannot perform , who do not have the passion to perform and those whose performances are not novelty any more is a different story. Bryan has the passion to perform, his matches are still novelty and now he is able to perform as well.

Not many people had problems with Undertaker's Wrestlemania matches till his last undefeated streak match with Punk.

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The only times (in the past few years) I've seen WWE changing major story lines significantly was when wrestling fans showed interest (like with Daniel Bryan) not when they were indifferent about it.

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Remember Shawn Michaels' career towards the end? I think Bryan can be something similar. If he is in every Smackdown or RAW tv episode, is he still a part-timer?