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Well, that second one certainly took an unexpected turn.

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I remember when you used to do musician spotlights. I found some pretty good music that way, but you never seem to do it anymore. I think you should start that again. Pick some musicians who you think aren't getting the attention they deserve and make a post spotlighting their work.

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I wish there was a part for PMVs as well. It would be a good prompt for people to start working on good ones again, since they seem so rare these days.

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I shouldn't listen to this right now. I'm on my way to bed and can't afford to get this stuck in my head.

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Yes, bring that back.

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Is this something that was deleted, because I don't see any pornographic anthros in today's drawfriend?

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I really like the Let's Rewatch idea. I'm sure a lot of us have opinions on the earlier episodes (I sure do), but haven't really had much of an opportunity to discuss them since the time they aired year ago.

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Here are some thoughts:

Music: I only listen to music sporadically and when I am in the mood. I just find most of it to not be of very great quality and I generally don't care for electronica, which is the vast majority of music. Perhaps create a genre database and I'll check that out.

PMVs: I prefer the "classic" style. I like seeing how someone can match scenes from the show to fit a song. As such, things that rely on overly flashy effects or motion graphics. As such, I am more excited when I see a "simple pmv" headline. PMVs were the first creative content I tried out when joining the fandom and I watched a lot of them, but it seems like there aren't that many being made these days. I'm also not that enthusiastic about PMVs made from pony fandom songs. I find it a lot more interesting to see people take regular songs that have nothing to do with the show and somehow match it to pony scenes, but it seems like this is also a lot rarer (possibly due to Youtube flagging normal songs).

Art: I feel like the quality of the art has gone downhill a bit, but I think this is a result of many great artists not being as active as they used to be, leaving us with lower quality (though not necessarily bad) works to fill their place. Also, it feels like the OC art is getting really heavy, and I've noticed this on other sites as well. I wish people would focus more on show characters, but that is more a complaint with the artist community in general than with EqD specifically. If I had to make a suggestion for EqD, then it would be to only accept OC art if it is really a step above the rest of the art in group (something like this, for example Also, anthro doesn't bother me.

Comics: I don't follow most updates. There are a very small number that I do, but I am watching them elsewhere so I normally don't even look at the updates here. I would rather see a poorly drawn, but funny (or otherwise feelsy) comic than a well drawn one that just makes me shrug.

Fanfiction: I don't really read it anymore, so no opinion. Although I will point out that I liked the old star system for rating them.

GeneralEqD: We're never getting a forum, are we?

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I find her incredibly boring, but then again I feel similarly about Fluttershy, so I guess timidity is just not my thing. Limestone, on the other hand, I really enjoyed watching.