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13 years ago @ 912 Communique' -... - Vent 3.1 - 912 Communi... · 0 replies · +1 points Y'all should check this out, have fun with it, apparently "I" am related to Obama...........scary thought when that man is satan himself........

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I'm so very glad you're staying loca!!!! You are one of the true hearts that sits in this community and I applaud you. Keep speaking your mind and informing people. I know as a new member, that's what I will be doing as well.

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Seriously!!!!! Wow, people are stuck on this Muslim kick huh? Oh wow, the Head reptile is on The View, time to change the channel! These people need to understand the elite race, the Illuminati/Reptiles, are the ones they need to hate, a huge portion of the world are Muslim, if they were that evil, don't you think we'd all be dead already. People need to break free from their mind clips. Muse says it best, Green belts wrapped around our minds. Got to break free people! Religion is the least of your worries at this point!

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Wow, is your brain still functioning at the 4th grade level? I don't mean to be rude, but kind of hard when you're focusing only on one thing, Muslims. Hate begets hate, and that's all you're showing you're capable of. As far as saying that Deju is in the same corner as Obama, it clearly states above that he's not. Now as far as Unproven Retorics, Prove that it was American Airlines Planes that flew into the world trade center, you can't. Just because THEY tell you something, doesn't mean it's true. Don't you think that the news is controlled by the Government? In every Communist country it is, just think of Cuba, they don't say anything bad about their dictator, why is that? Maybe because it's against the law, don't you think the government has the same kind of control here? As to your comment about America doing good things. I would have to agree, we help people in other countries, we're their whenever there is a natural disaster, American people are generally good people, out government is NOT! Please, as Whoopi Goldberg said in Sister Act 2, YOU GOT TO WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION!

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Loca, I would have to totally agree with your post. The people in this world are dormant, not paying attention, and just all around ignorant to the world around them. If these people would just wake up from their blackberry's, Eye-Phones (there is a reason I spelled it that way), Facebook and Myspace, maybe they would realize what's going on. Their president is lying to them, passing laws like there is no tomorrow, and people just aren't getting it. I commend you for posting the truth. People, you need to wake up and see the world of slavery knocking on your door step. We are their patsies, and I for one will not stand for it. WAKE UP!