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ok byeee bye byee byebye bye byebye byeeeee *waves hands wildly as though using them for the very first time*

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Well. There we go, then!

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Draper-Sterling HQ is apparently a five minute drive from my parents' house. I don't know what to do with this information.

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good golly I thought the Animaniacs pitch would be the peak of the nascent "poke fun at flaws of an old show while building to unexpectedly profound life truths" genre, but here we are!

edit: seems I've missed some entries in this series jeeeeeez I got to go play catch up LATERRR

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Please enjoy this image of railway workers sliding down the side of Mt. Washington in the late 1800s:

These little rail seats were called "Devil's Shingles" and allegedly reached speeds up to 70mph. They were banned after the world's most inevitable fatal accident, but I'm very happy they existed long enough for this picture to be taken.

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The classic video of Pepin deboning a chicken exists to reminds us all that anything in this world can be soothing and beautiful, even something as gnarly as Animal Disassembly.

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Play as multiple characters? **I** get to choose the order?? This sounds great!! :-)

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The best-case scenario IMHO is that the Zodiac Killer is not limited by a human lifespan at all -- they were a giant tortoise the whole time

please note that this does not preclude ted cruz from also being a giant tortoise in disguise

suddenly a lot of things make sense huh

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Why, those heights haven't wuthered in years!

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the duke of organs

that is an exceedingly plausible villain of a period horror novel right there