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Beautifully stated Ms. Heaton.

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Absolutely love this show!! The premiere last night was hilarious. I can't stand most of the drivel offered up on TV these days. This show always makes me smile:) I love it when USA does a marathon except that I get nothing else done!

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There are no words. Profound sadness.

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Shun her and all like her.

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Poor poor OW. Perhaps if you had just thought out what your endorsing BO would have done to your career. Perhaps if you had not shunned Governor Palin to water carry for BO. Perhaps if you had realized that alienating a huge percentage of your audience would be a bad plan. Perhaps if had not show what a hack you are, your viewers would not have decided you are not worth the effort. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

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Hahaha! Thanks for keeping it real wwote:)

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My goodness Mr. 47 yr old loser, what a big man you are picking on a girl. You kiss your mommy with that filthy mouth? It has grown oh so tiresome to keep dealing with these infants. Is there no end to the parade of the sick and the stupid? At least they are making it super simple to identify them.

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One by one they are dismantled, things are looking up:)

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Best news I've heard all day!!

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Love it!