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Glenn Beck is a modern day revoulutionary who is guided by his faith and total understanding of history. He see's the realities that exist and reports them to the masses. He is hated but most of all feared by the left because he tells it like it is no punches pulled, and no lies or falsehoods given.
Like Glenn often say's Americans you need to get down on your knees and pray for guidence for you will be the guided change that will come to our Nation.

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There is no doubt that both sides of the isle need to be cleansed. When Poliicans become infused with the feeling of total power and control over others they can never go back to the ideals of beinging the representative of the people. "When the people fear the government there is tryanny, When theGovernment fears the people there is freedom

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Once again we are faced with a man who eather doesn't understand or just doesn't care about the scope of the job and trust that he holds. As I see it he's becoming too much expense with his personel time off and since we are signing his pay check it's time too call him on the carpet.
With this in mind we need to "Remember In November America".

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Yes Raymond I must agree with you there about people and their Christian values . I read somewhere that 80 some % of Americans have Christian mindedness. I will find myself in pray asking guidance everyday and with my family will be in church nearly every Sunday. The one thing that I'm blessed with are neighbors who like myself are good Christians and profess their faith. Although we all belong to different Churches we bring the Love of Christ to our fore-front.

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Okay Raymond your response was partially correct. Pius the XII did little to stop Hitler during the Second World War even to make a plea. But the Holy Mother Church wasn't involved with Hitlers rise to power. The single most truth to why was the Lateran Treaty of 1929 which gave sovereigntry to Vatican as a seperate but neutral nation. The treaty hindered the Vatican from any type of medation or involvement. During the war the Vatican was surronded but not occupied. As for your comment on Islam all that I'm familure with is and article that was written by and Ex Jesuit by the name of Alberto Riverao. The imformation contained with in dates back to the 3rd century when Christians wanted Jerusalem as a Catholic city and stronghold. Thus the beginging of the Holy Wars. Guess I need to hone up more on that Issue.

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Yes Raymond many parents do school their young. An in many cases do a very good job. But the point I wanted to make was simply to start educating your children early in their formative years. Show them where your family value's and moral conduct arise from. Give them strong grounds in which to stand upon while they are being educated in the public school system. While they are there monitor what the school is teaching them and when an alternative view comes into play show them the difference. Teach them how to explore and not to fall into the trap of single mindedness. That today is the one single most distructive force in our educational system. The truth will set them free.

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I have one very simple suggestion to all families. Educate your Childern. Show them the truth and let them respond. Answer all their questions so they will understand. Do not shirk in this duty because they rely on you for more than food, clothing and a home. Guide them to a Church let the word of God into their hearts. Be a Parent, the first steps in a childs education begins with you at home don't let it stop at the school house door. Remember the truth begins at home.

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You are so correct in what you say Raymond Gobbels was the chief architect in Germany's rise to power. He burned the books so the young could not learn the truth.He re-educated the people so that they would follow blindly. All this was done in a time that Germany was under a world domninance so they felt the need for direction. He also served under a powerful and eligant speaker Adolf Hitler. Hitler also was not a natural born German who rose to the pinnacle of power. Much like today we have questions and the blind who follow. But what they didn't have then was a mass membership of society who opposed him as we do today.
In Matthew 15:13 he wrote "Leave them they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit." This happened to Hitler and his followers and will happen to Obama and his because they are blind. But we as a Nation of Spiritual believers must follow our Lord God for he alone will strike down the oppressors.
Raymond I beleive we are at a turning point in our history there are too many of us that will not go quietly into the darkness. We will and must stand strong and by standing strong we must Remember in November.

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Paul you are obviously a Kool Aid drinker with the mind of a 14 year old brainwashed, rinsed and dried in a political ideolgy thats crashing the worlds economy. Social health care simply does not work. I could get into 2 dozen issues of why but won't because your feeble mind couldn't comprehend it all. As for Conservatives being week and cowardly you are ohhh so naive. Conservatives helped build this Nation they let free market reign so this nation could grow and people could make their own way in life. You Sir are part of the entitlement class or as I call it the "give me everything kids" because you are simply to lazy to earn your own bread. Progressives want the working class to pay everyone's way in which for the most part they already do. IE: Welfair, Foodstamps, Housing, and State funded health care. So in reality I'm already being screwed by Obama and the progressive front so I don't need to do it to myself. My advice to you is to grow up get a real job pay your taxes and see how you feel every April the 15th.

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This is no suprize to me. One thing you have to remember the Dumacrites don't want the members of our Military to have a voice. It has never served them well and it never will. Just remember Liberals hate anything to do with the military because they are the ones who see and feel the lack of leadership. Case in point look at the democrats history when it comes our military forces. They cut spending, shackle responce and miss-direct objectives. Now if you were in our Military would you look favorable on those politicians?