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Gangs....LOL but we have none in Goshen!

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Hmmmmmmmm Church of God in Edwardsburg.

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They should be made to pay restitution and I agree with the community service. Post their pictures and names or make them wear a sign on Main St stating what they did. Where were the parents?

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Stupid is, stupid does.

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And this is only the begining of the "new laws."

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"We're going to have bicycles zooming through here," Tracy Moreland said. "I can't even have my babies playing in the front yard anymore because I'm afraid they're going to get hit by a bicycle." Don't the bike paths usually run next to the street? Then why would you want your "babies" playing so close to the car traffic? Everyone who buys a house in Goshen knows the city has a right away and you measure what that is from the center of the street back. Be a parent and keep them away from the danger, or have them play in the back yard.

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What I want to know is if a 40 yr man ( and I say this loosly) and a 14 yr old Juvenile male can do this to an animal, what else are they capable of doing to another human? Research shows your most violent offenders start out abusing animals. Were there other young people present and are they too victims of this type of violent behavior? A Juvenile facility would be too easy for the 14 yr old. Both deserve to be tied to a tree and beat with bats. But yes, we are a civilized society. But, the punishment needs to fit this heinious crime.

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We also instilled in our children that Mom and Dad would NEVER send someone to pick them up that they didn't know very well. Along with a code word as well.

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He heard Elkhart County fair is 2nd largest in the country and needed cash to go. Yeah with the unemployment so high, wait til Jan when those of us that do have jobs will start paying for everyones health care too. More primaries coming and every incumbant that supports illegals needs voted out.

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Alright, mooooove to another page if you don't like the humor here. It is a great stress reliever. I personally think it was Open Pit that arrived for the BBQ. To think they didn't even recycle those poor cows into dogfood, but instead they steered them to the landfill. Cowabunga!