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Every once in a while your post will jog my memory and cause me to relive a not so pleasant episode in my life. In this case your church & Sunday school experiences, HappyAtheist's comments about his baptist past and my short but dreadfull catholic and catacism memories jibe in more ways than not. Hap's, (please forgive the informality) desire to "tell it like it truly is" echo's my feelings towards Sunday School exactly. In my mind Sunday School's brain washing is the antithesis of moral training.

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Beautiful question. chistians do not, especially the most pious of the lot, ever consider other humans or the consequences of their demands.
And prayer is a demand couched in piousness.

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I did not post the above incomplete comment. Either my computer is having a heat stroke or intense debate is having hot flashes.

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Check out the next post. I have waited for years for the right time to put this on somebodies blog. You see? I knew a Bill Gleason who was a copywriter and who worked with me for a few years. Red Beard and I would sit in Rona's, a Hollywood beer bar in the 70's. Chris "The Troll" was the featured bar maid. When I read the above "Noah's Ark" bit I knew this was the time to tell Bill's story.
Too bad there is no hell for for us nut cases to spin tales. I'm saving this Noah tale.

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Jack, You can't pull this lie out of my Easter basket. Bill Gleason, my favorite direct mail copy writer, died in the late 70's. I helped "The Troll," Rona's favorite beer bar maid design Bill (Red Beard's) wake. My favorite Red Beard story happened in the middle 70's. Beard came into my office, sat in the rocking chair in front of my drawing board and asked, "Which copy do you want first?
I said, "The Datsun letter.
The Datsun letter was from Y. Katiyama (supposedly) to a new Datsun purchaser. I knew Red Beard was a joker. The copy he gave me started like this: Hey Sucker, Is that piece of crap we conned you into buying ever start. You know it was made in Japan and sometimes, but not always, the regurgitated rice gums up the carb.
I was still smoking then and lit my Parliment, blew a smoke ring and said, "This's Bernie's account. I'll have Carol type it on Datsun letterhead and he'll presnt it to Aki at Datsun. Aki's in the hospital' Had the musscle next to his kidney fixed."
We laughed and Red Beard handed me the real copy.
After Carol typed both letters on Datsun statinary I walked into the Prez's office, sat down and handed him the joke letter. If you ever met Bernie you'd know that he lacked a sense of humor. He read it and angrily yelled, I can't show this to Aki."
I gave him the real letter.
"It's a joke, Bernie."
Bernie laughed and I left his office.
Guess what? Bernie pulls the joke on Aki who laughs and burst a stitch. The moral of my tale is: Don't be a Noah and build a boat that can't float or a car that burns rice. Amen for today.

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Who's on first?

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YUP! Totally out of fear!

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Your christian career somewhat resembles mine. I was a catholic from Oct. 1945 to July 21,1948, 3 days after my 1st communion. That was the day I begged my best friends mother to allow me to take her son, Bobby, to "christ the king" church so Bobby could have his 1st communion and not go to hell like all the other protestants and jews. The shee-it hit the fan the next day when Bobby's mother confronted my mother.
That afternoon was only the second time my mother became hysterical enough to actually beat on me. Both times the church was the real culprit. About 3 months later we moved to a few blocks south of Lake Erie and I spent every Sunday morning at my very own plot of sand instead of going to church. my 1 dollar supposed donation was spent at Ely's drug store on cherry cokes and a couple dime comic books. The summer of 1949 I announced I did not believe in god anymore to my family and there would never again be any punishment over religion, EVER! You know? I didn't know what atheism meant, but I new that theism and catholicism sucked - big time.

For anyone interested, Ex Christian.net is a blog of testimomials by ex christians that left their religion. The emotional and mental pains many face and experience is heart breaking.

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Me Too! Although, I wonder if a big part of the present media "bias" centers upon the "Fake News" campaign of trump and company?

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I could be wrong, and I will double check my files, but from the way this rhetorical question is always asked "are you for?" and who originally asked and proposed the question "trump & co." (I bookmarked a trump tweet reproduced by Daily Kos a few months ago, before the debates.)
His Liarship is noted for fibbing and then denying the fact.

You basically say the same thing in your last 2 paragraphs. I just want you to know that I can't be the only one who saves trumpyisms and I agree that the right should not be allowed the last word unless it is "we apologize for our bald faced lies and crude behavior.