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dead men don't rape -- 7 year bitch
cell block tango -- chicago musical

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is there a reason for it besides her being a sociopath? if she's discriminating against you, or trying to get you to breach a contract, you might want to consider talking to a lawyer.

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Have been greying since age 13 when the girl who sat behind me in 7th grade English ripped one out of my head and informed me.

However I am pleased to report that around 21-22 I started to develop a stripe in front that is now becoming quite prominent. The bad news is that is that the greys in the back are also becoming much more numerous. Just shy of 25 now, anticipating being totally white by 30.

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my friend has two labradoodles and a chihuahua, and the labradoodles love the chihuahua and once rescued it when a hawk tried to fly away with it

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Procedurally, they need the circuit split. Maybe not NEED, but if they take a case without a disagreement amongst the circuit courts, the ruling is much easier to construe as ~judicial activism~, which is exactly what we don't need. The Supreme Court mostly exists to settle disagreements between the different circuit courts, and right now the circuits that have ruled have all ruled in favor of marriage equality. I think that it's probably going to depend on how the Fifth Circuit deals with Louisiana. We may never get a Supreme Court ruling.

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Today I saw a man who was wrongfully convicted of felony murder speak. His house burned down, and his wife and kids died, and he was severely injured and he was accused of setting the fire. He was incarcerated for 26 years based on junk science, essentially (we know a lot more about how fires start and spread now than we did in the 1980s, and this case probably wouldn't have made it to trial today. AND someone fucked up reading tests of some carpet samples and thought there was gasoline involved when there wasn't). It was just so sad to see someone who lost everything and then lost 26 years on top of it. I mean, that's longer than I've been alive. He was so resilient! He has a job, found someone else to love, and is really active in exoneration reform in this state. If it wasn't for the clinic at my school, he would have spent the rest of his life in jail (mandatory sentencing). I'm just having so many feelings about this. The system is so, so fucked.

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sometimes I find that if I just leave it alone for a while it dies down, all those chemicals are harsh and can aggravate your already-sensitive skin even more

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I used to wear a name tag with the wrong name on it, but a name close enough to my name that I didn't really get in trouble for it. This was an ideal situation, because it meant I knew who was some weirdo customer who got it off the tag, and who knew my parents or something (small town, man).

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My heart/vagina loves the messy man bun, but my brain does not. It's such a weird lady boner

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I did this by accident once, (the paper was really done!) and the TA totally didn't believe me :(

luckily the professor did though.