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That the United States not only opposes this resolution but makes possible the continued theft by Israel of Palestinian lands leaves little doubt that the regime in Washington has become a largely criminal enterprise.

I would trust myself to the tender mercies of Don Corleone or Tony Soprano before I would the United States government.

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It takes some time for caches to clear. They are 95% gone.

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I didn't delete anything by you. I mostly just delete Bill the racist jerk.

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Your proof is the picture? Jeez.

Please present real evidence that he is a CIA-man. Also, please present a clear thesis as to why the gov't would expend so much energy and resources to "scare us." I agree that the defense establishment has an incentive for war. It's another thing to say that they have somehow reached into all the places of power to pull off a stunt like this one without ANYONE (but you of course) knowing about it. You have a view of the world and are trying to fit every outcome to it. Instead, I recommend looking at events and finding the simplest, more reasonable explanation.