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I agree that it is not a good deal for students now from when I was at further education nearly 60 years ago when I actually got a grant for going and it was based on my parents' income.

However the problem was created by Blair (who else) who said that 50%+ should go to universtity when it was 20% in my time and should have stayed that way. 80/20 in everything!

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Since when is an university a private institution - tosh - it is primarily financed by the Government. One sees the problem everywhere noabout ordinary people not wanting to give a view that may be regarded as centre of right of centre or pro Brexit. Try living up here in NE Scotland and announce that you are a Unionist and you are immediately trolled. I know, I was 10 years in Scottish politics.
I can only assume that you live in a privileged world of unreality or you are a Guardian reader

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Dropped dead - good West Country expression - says it all!

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I have to agree with you and also Gr Pete that I nearly agreed with Gauke for the first time and then realised that he is/was part of the problem. One of my past skills was as an enforcer of legal regulations and the evidence of effective detection is the 'big stick' in discouraging further criminality.

Strong prison penalties can be a deterrent but less than one might imagine and indeed is shown in the high rates of re-offending. I think that heavy finacial penalties are a greater deterrent but must be enforced and collected timeously. Hitting errant individuals in the their pockets is very effective and hurts.

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Boris's problem is one which would flummox many in that whatever he says, whether positive or negative, he will be wrong.

As I see it, is that he needs to look at the descending figures in all aspects - lower hospital intakes and positive cases, less deaths and R number and make a plan on 22nd Feb to lift lockdown over a set period of say 6 weeks which will include a risk assessment based on the reducing figures since 6th January.

All pronouncements to the media from all SAGE participants are to cease and only one person - Boris - should speak to the media. To me, this would be a win win and address all sides of the argument. There has to be a leadership momentum on beginning to be risk averse.

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Domestic abuse, primarily against women, is for me the most heinous of crimes because it shows the worst in human nature - hate, bullying, lack of decency, secretive and violent.

As a decent nation, we should do more and the length of time taken for the passing of the Domestic Abuse Bill is an anethema to that notion of decency and almost perpetrating a crime against women. Councils should be backed by ring-fenced central Government monies to provide safe accommodations across the UK.

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Makes a bit of a change - I agree with you.

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I agree with all your points. A Canadian research project is indicating that Covid is 3.5 times more deadly than Flu. Probably a tad overstated but the point is that it s ill shows that it affects older than 65 disproportionally more which is JebStu's point.

Why the care homes were not shielded more seems to me to have been a given but the Govt says it was too expensive - really - so it was cheaper to shut the economy down. Managed by risk averse clowns.

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