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Love the Johnny Was brand but they are way out of my budget. Nordstrom Rack occasionally has Johnny Was/JWLA at great price points. I always shop them there ;-)

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Well, this is a little strange and unexpected but I just got a postcard from Anthro via snail mail that says "Summer Tag Sale Starts Now!" On the front and on the back it says "our twice-a-year tag sale is here swing by a store or pop by online".

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Thank you for this information, Roxy. Very interesting reading! I love your blog because you touch on the business and technology side of things, as well as fashion.

This may be a really stupid question but...regarding the charge send issue...Anthropologie already uses the stores to fulfill online orders, right? So isn't there a way they can build a realtime (or near realtime...or even daily) interface to transmit the inventory of the stores to the "central" online system so the store inventory is available for online orders? If a store has a skirt that is sold out online, and they won't do charge sends any longer, there must be a way for that skirt to be made visible online for customers to purchase. What am I missing here? :)

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I feel your pain! I have had the same experience and have also given up. I've shopped with them for a very long time and been a very loyal customer. I've had so many orders cancelled recently and have also seen the items pop back into stock while my order is on "backorder" and have repurchased...only to have all orders cancelled (one backorder took a month to finally cancel). I finally emailed service@anthro because I am fed up. No other stores I shop at online have this issue - I've ordered backordered items from Free People, J Crew and Nordstrom and have never had an order cancelled from any of them...only Anthro. It doesn't seem like rocket science. If someone gets to it first, it's out of stock. Don't lead me on. I guess it's time for me to spend my money elsewhere. Hint taken, Anthro!

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They look a lot like the Rachel Comey Dekalb clog. I believe Anthro carried them in yellow at one point. If you google it, and look at the images, a taupe pair comes up that looks very similar - even on the Rachel Comey website. Unfortunately they don't seem to be available anywhere in that color.

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Thank you, Roxy. I called and the gentleman I spoke to was very nice but said their system won't let them apply the 20% to previous purchases. He did say that, if I lived near a store (unfortunately I don't), I could bring them there and return/repurchase them with the discount. He also said I could send them back and purchase them again with the discount (they are sold out in the color I have so that won't work for me). I am happy I have the shoes regardless but hopefully these options help someone else in the community!

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Hi Ladies,
I just received an email that Free People is discounting sale by 20% both in stores and online today. Does anyone have any experience with them getting a PA for previous purchases? I purchased a pair of sale shoes from them last Thursday and am wondering if they will give me a PA. Thanks!!

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That Superman reference made me laugh out loud!

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Not sure if this helps but my last 4 USPS orders from Anthro didn't show up on tracking until they were out for delivery from my local post office. They all said something like "pre shipment info received" every day I checked until my local post office finally received them. They were delivered within a week of receiving the Anthro shipping confirmation email, though. Very strange....I hope you get your dress!

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Well, I tried again. This time the associate told me that Nordstrom doesn't give price adjustments on items that were originally purchased on sale. I told her that it doesn't say that anywhere in their pricing policy. I bought the boots from them on sale and they were further reduced so I assumed they would adjust the price since I was within the 14 day window. She said she'd do it for me as a "one time courtesy". Anthro's price adjustment policy is amazing compared to this! I will be emailing Nordstrom's customer service team to ask that they update the wording in their pricing policy to include these unwritten rules :)