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Global warming is to blame!

Ban re-warmed corpses!

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25-30 years ago,he could concentrate better...

It's called getting old.

...and for the "cognitive overload"...
If you can't just ignore the"1 weird old tip for belly fat" ad's,maybe
you should step away from the mouse and take a nice walk outside.

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Trick or Treat,indeed!!

Always take a good look at who's giving you the "news"

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How "holy" is that city,AFP?

Thanks again for telling me what to think!

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"As long as I'm congressman there is no disagreement"

What astounding arrogance!


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If someone were working at a falafel stand in Saudi Arabia and put on a BIG SHINY CROSS you can bet that that person would be jackal chow on the side of the desert road in about 10 minutes.

On the other hand,a medieval cult,with a stone age mindset might have some thing useful to offer the modern world.

You know things like forced conversions,slavery,religiosly sanctioned pederasty,marital rape,murder,rape where the victim is the shunned guilty party,religiously sanctioned wife beating,murder of homosexuals,murder of other religious persons that are not muslims because they're not muslims,second class treatment of anyone not muslim,terror,terrorisim,terrorists,religiously sanctioned lying(taqiyya),religiously santioned extortion(jizya). for more tasty bits of truth.

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AP is the leftist apologist and getaway driver for the crypto-religious,death cult,life system that calls itself islam.

AP goes to great,breathless lengths to make sure you're bamboozled into thinking:

1)Lone radicals
2)Fringe extremists
3)Distorters of a peaceful religion
4)Victims of "islamophobia"
5)Possible racial components
6)Posible mental health issues

And on and on....

Of course,these are all lies.

Find the truth here:

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How are employee output per hour and labor costs calculated?

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Spin this.

So much for your weak non-argument.

Back to the playground with you,child.