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Fallout. Because it's one we may actually get, if Overmare Studios can do it, which it looks like they can.

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What were the products? The post never says what actually got removed. That's literally the single most important fact for making an informed decision on how to react to this stuff. I'm not familiar with Zazzle, but someone above stated it was a forum to sell T-shirts and such. Well, given that there are officially licensed MLP T-shirts, this makes the removed products a direct competitor to Hasbro.

If an item is tagged with the term "brony" there is a VERY high chance that it somehow references My Little Pony. It may well be that Zazzle is instituting a policy that assumes (reasonably) that an item openly marketed as being for fans of MLP probably contains references to Hasbro's MLP property.

Every time these stories come out, people lose their minds. I've seen posts about C&Ds since I started watching in late 2011, and I'm sure there were posts about it before then. Every time people are up in arms about Hasbro being evil corporate scum trying to ruin the fandom. Yet years later, we're still growing. There's official merch clearly meant for our demographic. They send brony websites official news. They let massive conventions happen. But every time someone mentions copyrights and trademarks, Hasbro must be trying to crush the fandom. If that's the goal, they have a really bizarre way of showing it.

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I read Steven Moffat as Steven Magnet. Now that would be something.

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I slept terribly last night. Every so often, I woke up to go throw up. Come morning, I felt fine. As best I can tell, it was just frequent enough to stop me reaching REM sleep. I suppose Luna was displeased enough with previous nights' dreams that she didn't want me to dream at all. I don't remember my dreams, so I haven't a clue what was so bad.

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Hasbro may not have suffered a confirmed monetary loss, but that is not the only reason a C&D would be issued. Hasbro is bound by the IP laws too. They must defend their property or it is no longer defensible at all. Jan Animations may not be making money, but under the current laws they would be forfeiting the trademarks on all the characters included in his works if they didn't respond. And then there certainly would be people making rip-offs that would cost Hasbro money, and Hasbro would be powerless to stop it.
I said we shouldn't be mad at Hasbro. I never said the laws were well thought-out and keenly in tune with the modern demands upon them.

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I honestly don't see why people are mad at Hasbro over the C&D. I get frustration over some fanworks, but this is a different story. Think how often Jan's stuff was called "show-level quality animation". It's the same medium, the same style, and the same characters as the show, but made by some guy with no affiliation with Hasbro and freely available. This is the perfect situation for IP laws to apply. It's so similar a product to the show that Hasbro has no choice but to respond. It is a blatant violation of the copyrights and trademarks they have a right and an obligation to defend.

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I like how two people commented on the first comic, despite it linking to the third instead.

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Most of the Fallout franchise isn't FPS, so...

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I just responded to someone further up the comments with the exact same three deserts. Now I feel like an idiot for not scrolling down first.

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No, no, he knows what he's saying. This model is mostly Sahara, but I think I see a bit of Gobi in there too. I'm pretty sure there's some Atacama as well.