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I watched the Crystal opening, and it wasn't that great, maybe I got a chuckle, but I don't do Hollywood movies, so I guess I didn't get the jokes. Then I switched to Geraldo, saw about 30 seconds of his drama and bad acting, and then fell asleep.

Hollywood actors and their big leftist mouths have completely turned me off to movies, the last one I actually paid to see was Titanic.

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That is a great tune...rap mixed with a little rock, unlike most rap that has no tune at all, with a great message, I hope it gets some real air on the radio.

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Andrew, keep your cool.

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What a great campaign ad...for the GOP!

Just run that whole rant, with the words unbleeped. Then at the end, VOTE FOR ANOTHER SCARY FOUR YEARS

My name is <---insert GOP nominee here---> and I approved this message

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I met this man twice before he was elected, the second time he signed my TeaParty sign. I have it hidden away, and will bring it out when he is elected president.

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So then, Mr. Moore, what if America had been settled by muslims and Islam instead? The slaves were already being brought to market by black muslims, and I am sure that the Native Americans would gladly have welcomed Sharia Law.....NOT.

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After reading this article and linking back to the one about Ms. Fields, I am always amused at the castrated bitchiness and closeted gayness of the liberal male towards the conservative female. I mean I would understand it a little if these types of articles were written by a woman. Betsy is just playing the part of the two word term that refers to women that protect these men...which starts with F and ends in "hag"...

Like Ann Coulter once said when she was constantly being called a man: "Well, compared to most liberal men, I guess I am!"

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"They are tearing down hearts! Thats horrible!"....LMAO

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Wool, I noover wawtched her unyway, I doodn't loik the phooney Euroo vooce, it soonded loik she had a mooth fool of moorbuls......

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"If Obama succeeds, then give him an 'A', if he fails, then give Bush an ' F' ."

- Dennis Miller