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'or the fact that a little part wanted to fight back'

hold on to the little part, you can get through this like mark said.where here for you anytime x

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to add to what marks should talk to him and tell him what your feeling...

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oh my gosh sorry!! i was clearly typing to fast :(

argg man utd scum of the earth!!!!!

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i agree with hope, i think there is something there, you should find outor you could get hurt in the long run by realy falling for him

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good on ya chik! missed ya!

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i agree with mark, do you call yourself names because you feel down?
the worst thing you can do is hate yourself, you shouldnt let other people whether its your family or your friends make you feel like you arent good enough or worthy of love. because we all deserve love.
its your decision if you go into care...if you do the people who foster you will not pity you, there going to choose you because they WANT you.
if you decide to stay home...then that again is your choice...they say nobody loves you like your family...whatever they are doing or saying maybe out of love...but if your really unhappy then your going to have to make a decision, make the one that makes you happy and the one you think will help you get better