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Lady Gaga is really a guy-guy....just sayin...

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I cannot understand why there are not more Senators demanding investigations, etc. This Socialist has done more illegal, corrupt and unconstitutional abuses of his position ~ far more serious offenses than any other POTUS! He is abusing recess appointing and implimenting Cap & Tax via regulations thru EPA as just a couple of examples. WHY can't he be stopped?

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This is just another incompetent Obama designee that can do nothing but repeat talking points. She doesn't even know how to impliment this massive entitlement program. She has way too much power. The SocialistCare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and the Obama Socialists just placed themselves on record to not repeal it. Come on 2012.

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ATTENTION ATTENTION: Twitter was hacked into & completely taken down! This is a very frightening thing to have happen in the midst of very active grassroots efforts to oppose healthcare takeover and canntax bill. I can' help it, I feel like the White House has done this!

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Is this part of the big picture chaos AKA diversion we have to be aware of?
This guy needs to be fired like Imus was!

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when Pelosi is voted out, along w/ the Obama's, they all need to leave the country by the overwhelming demand by We the People. They hate America so much, I'm sure Chavez will have a place in his country for them all.

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I have a bad gut feeling on this too. I am wondering what this weeks diversion tactic is in order for them to bring it to the floor. I am keeping the pressure on re: healthcare. And don't forget CapnTax has NOT been voted on in the Senate yet either - I am emailing to be sure they know we are watching that too. is a great web site to not only read these and other bills, but has easy links to the poliliticians for everyone to write/email/call.
Keep up the fight all!

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I just said today that when BO gets ousted from office - no matter how - thru impeachement, thru proving he isn't a citizen or the next election, the Obama's need to leave the country. Anyone who hates this country like he does are free to leave & should.

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It is working and we have to keep fighting the CapnTax bill still unvoted on in the Senate. The TeaParties are working. A lot of things are working on the Web: Twitter, Facebook - that does count. When I get too angry, weiry and hopeless - I just take a break from it all - turn off the news, the website and read something entertaining or watch a movie or do stuff you like for a day or so- a weekend even. It's amazing what a weekend of camping can do to clear your head & your heavy heart.

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I signed petition. It is a plan worth pursuing, as are many. We the People must take back America.