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This movie showed on Cinemax a few times when I was younger and I enjoyed it a lot. Timothy Dalton's face didn't hurt either … oh my god … is this movie why I'm into chin dimples

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There are Jews around.

(I watched the series well before reading any of the books, and then when I finally read The Mysterious Affair at Styles I was all 'wow, Poirot was … kinda racist!' Guy couldn't walk into a room without commenting on race or ethnicity.)

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I didn't even know my school had a fight song until my commencement weekend, but it tickles me to bits that this was the second stanza (which I'm sure is a later addition):

We're the Oberlin Yeomen. We fought, fought, fought, fought, fought.
We aced the test but on the field our efforts were for nought.
We're Oberlin. We never win. We're Oberlin. We never win.
Some things just can't be taught.

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I played My Father's Long Long Legs some time ago and I definitely recommend it, it's got that level of creepiness I like.

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The moment I saw the photo, before I read the title, I knew what this article was going to be about. The power of Capaldi/Tucker.

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Not a pickup line, but during a first date: 'You're the funniest Asian girl I've ever met.'

There was not a second date.

I also got 'you don't sound Asian' a lot but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish from when I was an international student in Ohio

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I gravitated to Sam Neill in Jurassic Park, maybe informing my penchant for Old Man Crushes. I am so glad Tumblr wasn't a thing when I was growing up.

I have had way too many Old Man Crushes, but the latest example was with Game of Thrones. Before I started watching it, everybody would not shut up about Jon Snow or Robb Stark or whatever, but who really caught my eye was that husky-voiced rando Scot, Jorah.

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Yeah it was Constance I was looking for (definitely LE, I agree). I did see the other Blandings characters, but just assumed that Mallory only included the ones that ever interacted with Jeeves and Wooster.

Also, the Empress of Blandings would be a true neutral, right?

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This is amazing and somebody more artistic than me please put this into a graphic matrix.

Will there be a Blandings one too?

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'Boy that's uncomfortable' is a perfect tag.

Also, not SUPER related, but I was reading a Wodehouse short story once written from the point of view of the dog … whose name was the n-word.