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My sentiments entirely - heartily sick of being drip-fed lefty idiocy on a supposed conservative site

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Our systems should be able to differentiate between a foreign businessman on a short trip and an economic low-skilled migrant (perhaps in the guise of 'Student'). Unfortunately for the legitimate businessman, and ourselves, fortunately for the low-skilled migrant, we seem unable to do this

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Nick, I will do just that

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And not even a passing thought as to how our huge population increase is causing our infrastructure to collapse and the effects of that on the native people. My daughter having moved, cannot get her son into a local school - there is a long waiting list. While she waits she has to spend up to 3 hours a day ferrying him to and fro his existing school with two babies aged 1 and 2 in tow. Her situation is dire. We did go to her Conservative MP's surgery to enlist his help, he asked her if she had tried a particular school, saying 'all the Pilipino midwives from the local hospital send their children there' - the immigrant midwives here to deliver the babies of their fellow immigrants. I was there to draw his attention to the problems his and other governments had created and my daughter was having to deal with but to come out with a statement like that shows that, like all the rest of them, he just doesn't get it and 6 weeks on we have yet to hear from him. Might I add that my daughter works also and is contemplating giving up work and home-schooling her son

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You are so, so right (or should that be alt-right?)

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This article actually contains the phrase 'helping to make people healthy so that they can work' - the author is talking about other countries but could as easily be applied to our own millions on various 'disability' benefits. We have our own huge underclass who would benefit from more attention from government, and I am not talking about more cash, I mean breaking the cycle of dependency. Again, virtue-signallers get more brownie points by concentrating on foreign countries rather than their own.

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Theresa May and Amber Rudd too busy virtue signalling against the democratically elected POTUS

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Absolutely, and that's why the Conservatives have lurched to the left but unlike Labour they never seem able to convert their frantic 'signalling'. Into political capital.

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I came here seeking sanctuary by fleeing the mental torture inflicted by the MSM. And what do I find - more self-hating, wishy-washy, bleeding-heart liberalism

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I can't believe the author has not mentioned Immigration. I believe Singapore have a large 'guest-worker' program which seems to work because the Singaporean authorities have the political will to ensure it does. I'm sure they must look at the enlightened countries in Europe with huge problems due to immigration and vow never to repeat the same mistakes. I mentioned 'guest workers' in reply to a poster on here who was predicting the usual collapse of the NHS without immigrants - he started waffling on about it being callous that guest-workers did not have a Right to Remain. Liberals do have such a childish view of how sovereign countries work and the right to choose who settles in your country is of primary importance. Countries like India are quick to criticise any UK immigration measure that might adversely affect their nationals living here, while pursuing a rigorous system of immigration themselves