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But it's a covered road? (It is already the cheapest road in town for winter maintanence.)

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You never know, you put him in a clean program, without all of the bad influences and he may be fine.

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How good are the Hawkeye's supposed to be next year? Another National Championship run? I don't know much about their team, but then again I haven't read the Police blotter lately.

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Let's not lose site of the fact the law wasn't written by Sheriff Gardner, nor were the new requirements layed out by Sheriff Gardner. Under Gardner, the ability to get a CCW permit was loosened up quite abit, while also requiring field qualification. So I don't really understand how Sheriff Gardner "needs to get with the real world".

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Don't forget Kevin Jackson @ ISU did the same thing.

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Aren't crimes challenged in criminal court? Last I checked these cameras were being handled by the civil courts; now do you see the problems with these things? Is the city truly safer with individuals getting 16 tickets and still being allowed to drive? I am not justifying people that go 80mph down the interstate, but I am sure our officers are perfectly qualified to catch these individuals.

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I would be happy to vote out all 9 of the council members, but none were on the ballot this year. Okay, I guess we get our word in next year...but wait...only 3 of the 9 seats are up for election, giving them control of the council votes no matter what the outcome of the elections are. It looks like someone is going to have to start getting signatures to get the cameras on the ballots, since the current council members are not actually representing the opinions of their constituents. If anyone wants a reference on where to start, I would suggest investigating the City of Houston, since their cameras were voted out two weeks ago.

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I wouldn't get too comfortable; those tolerances are at their discretion and not posted nor discussed publicly. Just wait till revenue starts too go down.... but hey, there were 3 deaths last year and none this year so they must be working right? Does this mean if we have 4 deaths (1 car) this year they are a proven failure and will be removed? I didn't think so (we just won't hear this statistic anymore). This is a classic case of creative wording; i.e. making a statement that reflects your opinion in the most positive manner. I am sure GATSO is probably assisting with this.... I am sleeping easier at night knowing my children are safer as they cross the interstate on their way to school downtown.

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Very well said. The fact is right now they are ticketing for 12 mph over, but they do not have to have permission from anyone to have these revenue makers ticket at 1 mph over (and you would not have any case what so ever for fighting this, because you were speeding according to the ordinance). This would be same as a speedtrap (I'm sorry "speed enforcement project") when squad cars are lined up on the on-ramps. I don't care how good of a driver you are, EVERYONE is eventually going to get bit by one of these cameras. Whether it is a mechanical problem (speedomether, tire size, etc.), carelessness, weather, or any of 100 other reasons it will happen. It is amazing how supporters exclude themselves "because they don't drive 72 mph on the interstate", but time will eventually get them for turning the cruise off too late or stopping past the white line.