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Ahh yes you're right that BB isn't compatible with US. Sorry I'm a bit rusty lol. :) Still better safe than sorry.

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This is not true. Just because it's working with all sims doesn't mean it's factory unlocked. It could just as likely be soft ULed with ultrasn0w, especially since the OP doesn't seem to be sure where it's from.

Just listen to slavakulikoff :P

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Not so sure if you're part of this world....

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Yeah, my bad. I posted a playful comment and it got sent to moderation and I was just confused.

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Hello world! ;)

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Though some may disagree on his management style and the ways he ran his life and his company, there is no arguing the fact that he truly has changed technology, and therefore the world, in a way that probably nobody else could have. He has affected the lives of billions of people in ways that could only be imagined just a few short decades ago. Thank you Steve, for everything.

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I'm with Confucious on this one. I've contemplated removing the comment rating system multiple times but the cons always outweighed the pros to me.
Yes some people would "thumbs down" a comment simply because they didn't like what it said, but the down-vote option is also used to help differentiate between useful answers and answers that are just plain wrong or completely off topic. With only a "thumbs up" option, what makes you believe people won't abuse the positive rating system and "thumbs up" incorrect or useless information/posts? What will set apart the posters who have only posted irrelevant posts, spam, or lies from the legitimate users without a negative ranking (which would usually give a big, red negative number next to their nick)? If you want to wipe out part of the ranking system to avoid abuse, you would have to wipe out all of it just not what can negatively affect /your/ ranking.
I've never made a secret of how I feel about how concerned people are about their "reputation meters". I have never paid much attention to that number (except to make a few jokes every now and then). Help people because you want to help them, not because you want a high number next to your name. You're not going to win anything if you have the highest number (when I was asked to help mod, my reputation # was a lot lower than many other posters). Just answer honestly and kindly and your number will naturally go up. Don't stress so much about... oh what did you guys call it... thumbs down clowns?

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Don't hold your breath on that one. Sherif's been busy lately... on non-iPhone things.

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Yay Comex! :)

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Haven't been keeping up with rumors, but don't new iPad generations come out in Spring? Considering the iPad 2 just came three or so months ago (even less for some countries), I doubt Apple will really release a NEW iPad in such a short time frame. Just IMHO.