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I really, really hope that 'twannotations' catches on, but only because I bought a couple of weeks ago. :-P

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That is a great write up! However, you missed one of the major attractions to delicious: the amazing Firefox plugin.

I'm a big fan of delicious and attempts to make it more social make me feel a little uncomfortable. It's the fact that people keep bookmarks for their own reference that makes it stand out as a place to discover quality content.

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Hi there, I am the author of the pipe.

I'm planning an update to my Twitter friends map soon since it has been very popular on the internets.

In the meantime, you might like to try a pipe that doesn't need your password at shows who you are following, not who follows you so Twitter's API doesn't need a password.

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I don't yet see how Google will use this data. They know that it will be gamed if they use it to affect search results and we're already seeing spam in the SearchWiki comments. My guess is that they want to get more people to sign up for a Google account (so they can improve ad serving and tracking).

It's a bit of a white elephant in the main SERPs but it would be a useful addition to Google's custom search engines, so that CSE owners could tweak the results without having to edit the XML control files.

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It's a shame you didn't continue with the descriptions of people's twittering habits, they were quite useful. A site reviewing people's social media contributions could be a lot of fun, too.