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Hi Mark, I think your walk in Iran is partly inspiring that one. Also when I went there I wish I had spent more time to go off the beaten track rather than rushing through towards India. I met some guys crossing the border from Georgia to Turkey who had been walking in the Zagros. I've got a good friend in Tehran who I really want to go over and meet who's really into his biking and stuff. If I'm over that way then I will certainly be in touch.

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I found out in one of my recent lectures that sitting down to come up with ideas is much more difficult than 'collecting' them at the time they come to you. More reason to carry a notebook around. I am surprised more people don't do it. It's the only way I remember important stuff!

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Hi liz, what is the link to your cycling fundraising page? Andy

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No I haven't seen it. Please post a link!

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That certainly is minimal. Do you know how many grams on average that saves in weight?
You should be shaving your legs now if you are going to enter XC mountain bikes races.

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I would say that in reality, I use a lot of lists, but when I first start a project I find myself needing to structure what is needed to make it happen and I find a mind-map to be a good thing for this. I then go back to this 'base' mind-map to keep on track with the lists.

I read an article recently that said that coffee makes you think faster but not deeper! I was pondering this thought coupled with internet-use and how I skip between tabs and get bored quickly. A vague thought at the back of my mind - I wonder if there is something to be said for thinking deeply versus shallow thinking and how we should do more deep thinking!- cycle touring is perfect for this.

Coffee goes really well with mountain biking actually. I had a mate in the York Uni Mountain bike club who took a flask of espresso with him. Probably not good for your heart though...?

What music are we talking here? and what brand of coffee? Favourite pen? Favourite weight of paper?

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Thanks for the comment Tim, I have just been reading your blog which is brilliant and I will be following your progress from now on!

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nutter! but brilliant

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great article.

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Bravo! Great post!