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Crowder, get off my lawn.

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The Post-modern mindset is just that—anything that advances the Marxist (stealth Marxist) agenda is moral, anything that does not is not.

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Lolo Soetoro gave his child dog meat to eat? It is harram, a forbidden carnivorous animal just like a pig. While he was a Muslim he was perhaps not devout enough to obey sharia law. Or maybe Obama's book was ghost written by Bill Ayers who just made this up… What does this have to do with the crimes Obama has committed, the ones ignored by Congress and the entire Marxist media? I don't know, with so many complicit criminals in high places we're probably just screwed.

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SHTF works better on Twitter and so it becomes the word of choice there. If you don't know how to Google unfamiliar acronyms you should get one of those internet thingy's, it could come in handy before the SHTF.

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Islam is not a religion, it is an oppressive political system falsely flying the flag of religion. Military conquest and conquest by insinuation have been their methods for centuries. They do not coexist, they conquer—either slowly or quickly, whatever works.

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MSM in their JournOlist echo-chamber has missed the biggest story of the century: Americans who think want them dead. It will happen and when it does it will take your breath (and their jobs) away. Americans are slow to anger, but get them mad and you'll regret it. If I'm wrong America is doomed, I've been wrong before.

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Rafah crossing: loose nukes, how many, how soon?

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Thank you for these Robert, especially Madge Bellamy who is usually forgotten. :)

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When a pinball machine is on tilt it simply shuts down, hardly analogous to pk's usage in this posting.

It seems the poker term would apply here more than the pinball, though it may have migrated into poker from the pinball.

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TV commercials will be getting cheaper and will go the way of newspaper ads… Appearance of growth comes from migration of ad dollars to new media, not real growth.