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I think that with regard to capital punishment, it should be limited only for murder, but since the State itself misallocates resources and makes horrible errors of judgment, I would not trust it with the power to execute the death penalty.

Murray Rothbard would also add one important caveat to the permissibility of capital punishment:

As a practical matter, in the here and now, and until such wills become a matter of common practice, libertarians can enter the political arena with the following clear-cut position, a position that not only endorses the fervent instincts of the general public, but will also instruct them still further on libertarian principles, namely, that we advocate capital punishment for all cases of murder, except in those cases where the victim has left a will instructing his heirs and assigns not to levy the death penalty on any possible murder. In that way, the possessors of a liberal or pacifist conscience can go about their business assured that they could never be a party to capital punishment; while the rest of us can have the capital punishment we would like to have, free from the interference of liberal busybodies.

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Great article, Justin. One of your best.

I love the Jewish people, but the Jewish State, like all States, are evil and reprehensible.

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Natural freedom has never meant the untrampled right to do whatever you want. Anyone who says otherwise is mistaken. George Weigel put it best when he wrote,

[F]reedom is not a matter of doing what we like, “my way;” freedom is freely choosing what is good, and what can be known to be good, as a matter of moral habit—which is another word for “virtue.”

So basically, James, how would you then respond to those conservatives who argue that freedom is the "right to do good" and thus we should support state aggression against sinful non-criminals?

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I think I subscribe to libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard's position on the death penalty: ultimately it depends on how the victim will punish his aggressor. And the punishment must fit the crime.

as to how this execution was executed, I personally think that the man probably deserved to die; however, the execution should have been quick and "humane." And maybe it should have depended on what the remaining heir wanted for the victim.

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Great again, Justin. At least left-libertarian Cathy "slut-shaming is un-libertarian" Reisenwitz admitted that non-interventionism is the proper option.

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Where is the PDF? Where is the EPUB? Did they just remove it? I couldn't find it.

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James Miller's article is pretty well-argued, but ultimately I feel that Miller doesn't entirely get libertarian objections to conservatism, which is more around POLITICAL conservatism than it is conservatism PER SE.

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I believe that dispensationalism ≠ neoconservatism. Not all neocons are dispensationalists and not all dispensationalists are neocons.

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I am a dispensational premillennialist, but unlike most dispensationalists, I am not a pro-war guy and I oppose foreign entanglements and support noninterventionism.

I am an anarcho-capitalist that opposes the State in favor of liberty and freedom. So while Justin is right in pointing out the flaws in the foreign policy of pro-Israel neocons, I don't stand by his lumping of premillennial dispensationalism as a neocon doctrine, because neoconservatism came fully AFTER dispensationalism. Also, dispensationalism is not so much prescriptive as it is descriptive.

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Great article explaining libertarianism. I submitted this to the /r/Anarcho_Capitalism subreddit, and I hope that there will be some great discussion after this.