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Dear atzmom,
You have me in a puddle of tears -in a good way, don't worry... it's a bit of a release. I forget that I am worthy of anything - even of a moment to be candid and express feelings without apologizing profusely for them. So, thank you so much for letting me know that it's okay, and to cut myself some slack. I really, really needed to hear this from someone. ♥HUGS♥to you...poppy

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I forgot I even wrote this yesterday in all my "emotional agony"... almost like saying something, and then thinking... "did I really just say that outloud??"
Oh, my... You really all ARE so wonderful. I hope that doesn't come out or sound or feel patronizing in any way. I want to reply to each of you individually, but am a little overwhelmed, truth be told. I've never had this many kind and supportive individuals offering their advice, guidance, and kindness all at once... or at all, for that matter.
I don't have the best situation going for me right now... my life has taken a severe detour. I thought this home may help me escape the worst of it... at least priovide needed medical care, and a way to escape hateful and abusive family. I just want to say your words mean more to me than you could ever even imagine... and you have collectively made me feel so much better, and also so welcome and warm.... something I haven't felt in a long while.

From the bottom of my heart... thank you, thank you, thank you. And I will continue to dream with you terrific, terrific people.
I know this is Brenda's tag... but tonight I'm going to wish you all-
LOVE & HUGS (lots)

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And I am definitely excited for the Smart Home! I love music, and that goes hand in hand with Nashville! ♡ I'll definitely be over there (that is, if I'm allowed to post! ;)

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Dear Virginia,
Apologies in advance for posting this publicly, however, I am unaware of where to post comments and questions regarding the blog. Is there an Blog Administrative e-mail address? What does one do when they are unable to post on the blog, or make any contact at all? For instance, I was unable to post any comments or replies on the DH or SH blogs from the dates of 02/26/14 - 03/17/14. I attempted writing almost everyday, and after hitting the "submit" button, would receive a message, highlighted in yellow, saying that my message must first be reviewed by blog admin before being posted publicly. After awhile, I realized that either, a.) My messages weren't being read at all -and definitely not approved, b.) Was I possibly the DH winner, and you weren't allowing me to blog for a reason??, c.) Most likely of all, it was a computer glitch of some sort, however, very late in the game, I realized I was able to write messages over on Blog Cabin, so...??
Anyway, it seems that now some of the messages I was writing (almost as an out-loud type of diary at one point, as I never actually dreamed they'd later be published), are now being published publicly on the blog... which is cool. It would have been really nice to blog with everyone during the 3 weeks between HGTV choosing the winner, and then introducing us to wonderful Laura.
If there is someone, or somewhere you can direct those of us who do have "technical difficulties", I know I'm not the only HGTV fan that would appreciate it.

Thank you so much in advance, Virginia!

Kindest regards,

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Dear OMP,
I have been wanting to tell you that I believe you are a total sweetheart and kind soul for some time now - but wasn't able to actually post anything for some time now. That's all...
(Oh... and thank you for being one of the first to be so sweet and welcoming yesterday during my very public, "I didn't win?!" meltdown).

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Yes, indeed - I concur, OMP. It sure brought a smile to my face and lifted my spirits yesterday!

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It's heartwarming, huh? She seems like a fantastic character... definitely reminds me of one of you glorious bloggers! ♥

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She really does seem like one awesome lady. I'm happy this fantastic woman and her family won!

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I just want to say (and I hope this is an appropriate way and place to reply), and hope that you read this so that I may say THANK YOU all so much, and God bless each and every one of you replied to my weepy & pitiful message. I am sitting here teary-eyed, and in awe of such forgiving, warm, welcoming and wonderful people - even after what I now see was such selfish and pitiful behavior on my part, (although, I know not one ounce was meant with the tiniest bit of malicious intent, whatsoever- using Laura's floor of congratulatory celebration, to express my own silly, and heartfelt woes, that is).
Nonetheless... I have been feeling very bad about myself for speaking so candidly in that moment, and would like to apologize to you all, as I do comprehend that I'm not the only person that possibly got attached to this remarkable home, land, & possibly new lease on life. I now want to say that I empathize fully with anyone who perhaps had a heartbreak yesterday, whilst also feeling happiness for Laura's family. It was beyond selfish of me to act as if perhaps mine was the only heart aching, and that I was the person that had ever gone through the emotional torture of possibly thinking they had maybe won the DH Sweep at some point. I'm terribly sorry, because I know that's how all my blabbing has come across!

It really isn't like me to get my hopes up about anything -- especially winning anything... and I have no idea why I did about this. I am completely embarrassed to say this, but I actually just had a "feeling", and it was damn strong. I entered my mother and I every single day - and never prayed for anything harder, besides wishing my illness away and to be healthy again. Funny how the mind can play tricks on you. I try to be a positive person, but I KNOW that I am not a lucky person. That may like an oxymoron, but it's just the truth. That's why it's just odd I would at all think I had a chance in "you know where". I was actually to the point of drawing up little scenarios in my head (e.g., Virginia couldn't give a single clue to the blog just yet, because she realized I was reading AND trying to post daily! Yeah! That was the reason why!). Oh, the list of embarrassment goes on, and on. Strange vehicles with strange T.V. antennas passing and parking nearby (all about the week John was visiting SF). There goes trusting my instincts out the window! Hmm.. perhaps I was a finalist candidate, and once they veiwed my background and realized I had next to nothing credit (thank you ex-husband & medical bills!), they headed off for Idaho, and went with a more wholesome credit-carrying candidate who had a chance of actually keeping the prize? I am kind of kidding, kind of not. Ha. Ha. Ha-ha...ugh.
This DH Sweep bruised me pretty damn bad. If there was a house version of me, it was that house. I have never been so in love with a giant material object, and what better, nestled in the bosom of nature, a place I know an love well... all totalled -feedom, renewed independence, indescribable beauty, a clean and happy slate- Gone. Not mine. Hers. Twas a dream afterall! If I could liken this experience to something... it's nearly as gut-wrenching as a very bad break-up, with a man that you are head-over-heels in love with, and you invest all your time, love, and energy into -- and then you are completely blindsided, as he ends up cheating on you with a much more put together woman, and dumping you in a very public way, and telling you that he's not in love with you anymore. Nope... the house of my dreams is in love with Laura and Scott. Sigh.

The only and best difference is that the landing from the fall of the crushed dream break-up has been soft because of YOU gals and guys.. and I can't tell you, or thank you all enough for your words - all kind words, compassion and commissary. This group really is something special, indeed, and I would be honored to blog with you over in SH.

Once again, I meant no harm in stealing any thunder, and: Congratulations, Laura, Scott, & their little ones! May you cherish the happy & blessed life you lead!

Thank you everyone, dear bloggers, for the encouraging & kind words (and for not putting me down for being pitiful, when you so easily could have yesterday). I would love nothing more than to blog & chat with you all (well...and maybe a house. yes! A new "house love" to enable me to get over my broken heart quicker! ;), and be accepted by you and a part of it all over at SH. See you there!
♥♥Hugs Hugs and more Hugs ♥♥

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What I meant is: (SORRY for all my complaining), Laura! Many blessings to you and your beautiful family! All that's in order now is congratulating you!♡ Enjoy!